Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gratuitous and Grainy Phone Pics

I'm shocked and bewildered that it somehow is already March.  In my mind January and February are "boring" months following the holidays where cabin fever and boredom are supposed to set in.  Between work, illness and our desire to spend as much time as possible cozied up with our new woodstove we haven't gone on any adventures recently but we still have seemed awfully busy.  If this is what Jan/Feb feel like I'm not sure I can handle the upcoming summer!

Anyway, I have yet to get back into the swing of taking pictures with the other cameras so I'll make up for quality with quantity from my phone.  Here are a few of our local adventures.  Sunday afternoon at the park:
 The Museum with friends:
 The aquarium store with Moms Club.  Matthew's still talking about this one! 
 But mostly some good times around the house.  Climbing on Daddy:
 Okay, and some not so good times.  Catherine was not the world's biggest enchilada fan:
 Though she did enjoy a bit of water to wash it down:
 Fun in the laundry basket:

 Catherine's pulling up and peeking weren't enough as Matthew asked for her to sit in his lap:

 Matthew loves to watch himself on the screen with our phone.  Here's a gratuitous progression of him roaring like a dinosaur and fully amusing himself:

 And last but not least we headed out to get a haircut today.  Here's his before shots (though the previous ones are better):

 And him all trimmed up later.  Maybe one day he'll let me get a better picture of it.

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  1. Loved all the pictures. Great as usual!


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