Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tops Rock

Cold and flu season is about to drive me crazy.  I think we've been to the pediatrician's once a week for who knows how long.  Matthew, who is Mr. pre-asthma-everything-turns-into-bronchitis has fared pretty well this year. 

Catherine however is in the middle of a very normal but frustrating bout of picking up every cold/virus floating around.  If she's anything like her brother, this means next year won't be too bad but it still sucks for the time being.  Since her first ear infection we went back twice because she wasn't acting any better only to be reassured that it was just fluid.  Finally I figured out that it was thrush that was disrupting her nursing and sleeping so we went back in to confirm it was thrush (which it was) and sure enough, the ear infection was back.  She's now being treated for both and we've been spending a lot of time hanging around the house and keeping our germs to ourselves.  

Meanwhile, Catherine's spent a lot of time standing.  She's also doing more crawling than dragging but still prefers the full body drag/army crawl.  I like to pretend she's just trying to help clean the floors.

 She's also picked up playing peek-a-boo.  Most of the time, Matthew and I find it far more entertaining than she does:

But the other night she thought it was pretty awesome too:

 Much to the dismay of her father and I'm sure Watson uncles, Catherine also couldn't get enough mushrooms the other night in our stir-fry.  It required two hands to keep them in her mouth!
Matthew's been enjoying our non-winter weather with lots of help in the yard and trips to the park:

 But his favorite new things are his dinosaurs (Tops and T-Rex) and dancing.  May I present them both in hilarious toddler fashion:

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