Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter and Mommy's "Big Owie on Foot"

 Someone was pretty excited to come downstairs and find eggs on Easter morning.  After our trip to the Museum of the Rockies Matthew learned pretty quickly that there were often treats in the eggs:
 Matthew even found a few special Elmo "eggs".  (Speaking of Elmo, if you have a chance check out the documentary on "Being Elmo" with Kevin Clash.  What a great story).
 He did a great job sorting his egg goodies into our treat basket, the coins into his piggy bank and his legos in a pile.
After Matthew scoured upstairs for his eggs, Catherine woke up and it was time to show off her awesome Easter dress from uncle Matt.  Its about time to bring in a pro for sibling pictures as Catherine won't sit for more than 3 seconds without trying to take a header off the couch and Matthew can't hold her without squirming.  Here's our sibling attempt:
 And just a solo pic:
Catherine was pretty pleased with her eggs (much like most of the pictures I've taken of her this past week with an egg in her mouth)
 But she was even more excited with the egg contents as she got her first taste of yogurt melts and they were a hit!
Matthew's big excitement came from Uncle Matt, though the Easter bunny had to bring Daddy something to help set it up the night before:

 I think it was worth it!

Matthew also enjoyed his Easter basket filled with some jungle animals and dinosaurs to round out our collection (hence the cramming at the museum).  Somehow the boy can keep anklosaurus and pachycephalasaurus straight but still confuses tigers and lions. 

Monday I had my foot surgery and I'm trying to be a good patient, but that gene doesn't exactly run in our family.  Luckily I have great family and friends helping out.  We added an extra day of daycare for the month to help out so tomorrow will be the real test with having both kids at home all day.   Matthew's pretty obsessed with talking about mommy's "big owie" and the "two big bumps" I needed fixed by the "hoctor" but I still don't know how much he really understands that Mommy can't do all the same things as before.

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