Thursday, April 5, 2012

Robot attacks, goofy silhouettes, egg hunting and bath admiration

Phew!  It's been a very busy week.  We're on a self-declared lockdown in the house today as I need to catch up on some housekeeping and I'm tired of loading the kids into the car :-)  James has been a rockstar for the past week as my schedule specifically has been crazy.  My favorite part has been checking out the pictures he takes when I'm out.  It's nice to get a different perspective.  Here's some he took of Catherine attacking the robot:
 I'm sure he started it:
 And my failed attempt to get Matthew to stand still for 5 seconds to show off his bunny:
 The next two are some of my favorite pictures I've taken for a while that just happened with luck and the camera phones.  We'd had a crazy day switching cars to get them repaired, taking the kids into my work to get some repairs, a play date, grocery shopping and more craziness.  We decided to swing by the park to let him run some energy out and he ran up and down the big hill.   When he got to the eastern side the light, the sky and his goofiness created the perfect combination:
 Meanwhile Catherine ate some grass and when I turned around she had snagged some loving from Daddy in front of one of my backdrops:
 Yesterday we rocked an egg hunt with friends.  Matthew was pretty jazzed, though his favorite part of the day still might have been playing in the woodchips:
 And Catherine was pretty jazzed about the egg she stole from Matthew.  Thank you to Amma and Papa for the super adorable outfit she's rocking. 
 Hanging out:
 And some more from Daddy of bathtime.  The kids find each other mutually hilarious, at least most of the time!

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