Sunday, April 1, 2012

Teeth, Raspberries, Reading, Mohawks and Bucketheads

Someone's been working really hard this week:

On new teeth!  They're her top teeth and she won't let me show them easily but they finally broke through.  Luckily she's still mostly smiles:

It's so very different this time around because at 7.5 months, Matthew's smile was all teeth:
And rocking a morning mohawk:
 We've had a great week with lots of playtime with friends, time at the park and outside and a special field trip with friends to Coldstone.  We took a tour of the big freezers, the ice cream machine and then each of the kids got to try their hands at the stone.  Hopefully a friend got pictures but Matthew was our first ice cream maker and chose a combo only a toddler could love: Peanut butter ice cream with gummy bears mixed in.
 And more of Catherine climbing all over everything:
 And a very quintessential Montana photo that a friend took when we were visiting.  Big Sky, horses, and a spring mix of jackets and short sleeves with the wind blowing like crazy.  It was fantastic.

Catherine's rediscovered raspberries as her new favorite past-time.  

And for a blast from the past, you can check out a whole post (sorry Catherine, that's just what happens for the first kid) on Matthew's raspberry phase.  

And Matthew's newest read is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear".  Short story long, it all came about last week when I was kinda over "Very Hungry Caterpillar" and figured Brown Bear might be a great one for him to "learn" on his own.  I asked him where it was and in true toddler fashion, he then fixated on needing to read this book.  Unfortunately, after clearing out a few bookshelves and all our book bins this book was no where to be found.  To sate the toddler obsession we ended up finding a Youtube video of the author reading it and then listening to it a few (million) times.  In an odd jolt of spring cleaning I found the book in the back of our closet and since then its become a new favorite to read.  Matthew even picked up a bit of Bill Martin's sing-song when he reads it.
And because toddlers wouldn't be have the fun they are if they were sane, Matthew running around the house with a bucket on his head.

I'm off for our final concert of the season at work and then we have a busy week of squeezing in everything I won't be able to do for a while after my foot surgery.  Should be exciting!

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