Sunday, April 22, 2012

Terrible Twos...ome

One of the greatest and most frustrating parts of my day is watching the relationship between Matthew and Catherine blossom.  Matthew has taken a keen interest in Catherine and wants to play with her but often his toddler impulses and lack of body awareness turn "playing" into crying.  However, when they're playing well, it's terribly fun to watch.   Their biggest capers thus far have been their stair adventures.  If Matthew (or James or Sky or June or Olivia or sunlight or, well you get the point) heads up the stairs Catherine follows in hot pursuit:

 The next, very important step, is stopping halfway up the steps for Catherine to wave in a "hey mom, I got this, chill" sort of way as I hobble across the room prepared to catch her as she starts to tumble down the stone steps  onto the hardwood floor.  (who puts these in a family home?!?!?!)
 No really mom, I've got this.
 Matthew's been jumping in to help.  Besides screaming "NO CAFFRINE" at the top of his lungs, Matthew has also learned to "help" keep Catherine safe by throwing himself down on the steps to keep his sister out of harms way.  She's not impressed and this mostly results in even more giggling:
 With dad in place they give one more wave:
And then triumphantly celebrate at the top of the steps:

The other day I tried to give them away on Facebook.  They were all packed up and ready to go:

There was lots of interest but shipping costs were too high so we'll keep them around.  It's a good thing because who doesn't need serenaded by "doo doo doo doo" played on a funnel all day:

 Or who would eat all the ice cream from my work party and leave sticky fingerprints on our glass door:

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