Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's been one of those weeks . . .

where I tab around and accidentally send a blank post to your feed reader :-)

though how I was originally going to finish that thought was when you find yourself saying crazy things like "Matthew, we do not lick Catherine/the grocery store floor/the table/the car etc."
Despite Matthew's poor choice of places to put his tongue recently, it turns out Catherine's the germy one and harboring another ear infection.
Rocking the vintage UVA apparel wasn't quite enough to brighten spirits but a few doses of antibiotics have helped tremendously (except between 3am and 5am.  awesome.).  I forget how tiny Catherine is at almost one year since she's all muscle, excitement and motion, but here's Matthew in the same outfit at 3.5 months:

And maybe it's a point of cultural commentary on growth charts and baby sizes and maybe not, but these c. 1980 duds are both labeled 18 months!

It's actually been kinda a nice week at home with the kids.  I work 2 days a week and on the other three we tend to get together with friends in some way.  With a holiday and sick kid we've just been doing a lot of hanging out (and some well overdue cleaning/organizing) at home.  Meanwhile, Matthew's been busy making lots of volcanoes, oobleck and finding his letters in the rice while I tend to a baby that hasn't wanted to be put down all week.
 And reading lots of books with daddy:
 When Catherine hasn't been squirming and freaking out, she's had a few adorable moments inbetween:

 Mr. "no pictures mommy" is all smiles as soon as I start taking pictures of Catherine and ready for the limelight.  What a goober!

 And finds himself mighty hilarious these days:
 Though to be fair, I find him fairly hilarious too!  The other day we were outside and all of a sudden he's created a pile of things.  I start to listen closer and he's saying to himself "no, that's not big.  Okay I find something bigger"
I'm pretty certain this was his own rendition of this Sesame Street skit:
I'm off to pack and *fingers crossed* we're on the road again tomorrow night.

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