Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pit building, Buffalo humps and spring dresses

Mother's Day was absolutely wonderful.  We had great weather, the kids took good naps and James took care of me.  We've had something on our high-desire, low-priority list for the yard for a while.  On Saturday I almost bought a solution at a friend's garage sale, but when I took too long and it was picked up by someone else we started plotting another solution.  Matthew was a big helper:

And definitely enjoyed the final product(s):

We spent a wonderful evening in the yard making dinner and playing around.  The best part of this gift is the memories I can see it making in the future and evenings spent hanging out around it with friends and family.  Matthew showed off his animal impressions.  A Buffalo (raised shoulders):
 More Buffalo:
 A Monkey (waving its arms):
 A Giraffe (bending its neck):
Clapping like a seal (Catherine likes to join in on this one):
 Pure cuteness:
 As always, followed by pure mischief:
 As always in the Watson house, followed by some light reading:
Catherine spent all morning at breakfast on Mother's Day flirting with an old couple.  It was really sweet because I just glanced over and smiled and the woman apologized because they "just couldn't help it because she was so cute."  This definitely wasn't the first time she's caused a stir and created trouble.   Really though, who can say no to baby blues like this?

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