Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birthdays: Thank goodness they only happen once a year!

This weekend we had a lot to celebrate!  Mostly it focused on this little goober who absolutely loved her new dollhouse from Mas and Pas:
Similar to Matthew's first birthday, we "partied" via Skype with the grandparents and Uncle Matt so they could watch Catherine open  eat her presents:
Catherine helped to make sure her brother didn't peek:
The kids both love chatting on the computer and the attention from the family.  We're so thankful to be able to share some of these moments with them:
Catherine was pretty jazzed about her new books from Amma and Papa.  Much like her brother, she's a pretty serious reader and loves, loves, loves her books:
 Then it was time for more snacking on her presents.  This time from Uncle Matt:
So I decided it was time for a real snack:
 Of course, this only held her off so long until it was time for the real thing!  Matthew's aforementioned "oval" and square cakes became a painted and sprinkled cake-wrecks worthy butterfly (I'd like to blame my pint-sized helper for it but really it was just my lack of finess with cakes in general):
Catherine didn't seem to mind!

 Unlike her brother she was a very deliberate eater and left nary a crumb!
Partying, however, must be incredibly exhausting because at 4pm we found this:
 and this:
We had to cut the post-party naps short as we were headed out to another birthday party for a friend.  Both kids rallied pretty well and Matthew loved the pinata (terrible shot but when a 2 year old is swinging a stick around, focusing the camera is about the last thing on your mind!):
Meanwhile Catherine just hung out, hamming it up as usual!  
Our other birthday excitement is that as my birthday gift this year from our families I got a new bike!  We picked up a bike trailer/stroller a while ago and got the kids all accessorized (don't worry, that wasn't the final helmet fitting, they're much tighter now):
Once it stopped doing this (yep, that's June 9th snow):
We decided it was time to hit the parks.  I'm still fine tuning the bike but it's great to be able to just ride over to the nearby parks and the kids have found it to be fantastic!  All in all Catherine and I had great birthdays and I think the boys enjoyed themselves as well!  

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