Friday, June 15, 2012

Zombie babies

Not to stir up the national zombie scare, but as I went through my pictures it appears I have a whole series of pictures where my darling, sweet children look kinda like zombies:

I also have a few random phone pictures floating around.  Like this one of my little navigator:
 AAnd our little director who sat outside the door to the garage directing a much needed car/garage clean out:
And our little home improvement shopper:
Since I got my bike, Matthew's decided that riding his trike is super cool and its his favorite thing to do.  He has a shoe box that he has been sticking on the back to carry around his toys and miscellaneous finds.  Sometimes though, he needs to give his trike a good cleaning.
 Catherine meanwhile likes to hang out on the porch and play with her new doll from Grandma Elsie.
 She loves it!
 We've had a great week (maybe 2, I forget how old some of these pics are).  There were hikes with friends:
 Trike rides through the sprinkler:
Catherine's also been helping with some home improvement:
 Meanwhile Matthew's decided he likes cucumber salad made (mostly) just like grandma Jennie fixed it.
Considering the amount of dirt he's been eating, he's not exactly a trustworthy connoisseur.  

 He is however pretty jazzed about his new shirt and shorts from Mas and Pas.  So much so that when he got up from his (non-)nap he was so excited to wear them that he put them on over his PJs. The shirt is slightly distressing though because he's very worried about Big Bird's head.
 We managed to go to 6 parks in 5 days this week and made it to half on the bike.  It's amazing how many parks there are.  Matthew's even running out of names for them and we've barely scratched the surface!  Catherine approves!

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  1. I love the picture of Matthew driving his trike through the sprinkler - fantastic shot!


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