Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Camping Success 2.0

Last year we took the kids camping with the modest goal of surviving 24 hours which we did, even though the toddler screaming all night didn't help cement the trip as something we were eager to repeat.  This summer I was shooting for at least one, 2 night trip.  Unfortunately, this year I ended up with a gnarly stomach bug/allergic reaction on Friday that left me woozy and nauseous so our trip got off to a late start, but we still managed to have a great time and the kids mostly slept in the tent.  We actually went with about 10 other families and did some "Cadillac Camping" at the KOA in Paradise Valley.  It was perfect for our large group and the kids had a ton of fun.  From the slides:

To some trike riding:
There was lots to do, though as Matthew will tell you about the trip, he enjoyed "running and running and running around and around and around" which is bound to happen when your group has 20+ kids with you!

Once we got slightly settled we headed out for a hike.  Matthew is an excellent hiker and never, ever asks to be carried (though we ask him about it quite frequently!) and rarely complains which is a godsend in its own way.  However, he is sllllloooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww.  As one of the ladies at his school remarked "Matthew doesn't miss anything on our walks, but really, at that pace it's hard NOT to miss anything!"  He is definitely the tortoise to my hare, a trait he gets from his daddy.  Even the peer pressure of keeping up with his friends couldn't speed him up and after a few minutes it was just us and the sunlight trail.
We offered to carry him a few times but he insisted he would do it himself, though we helped with the stream crossings:
Meanwhile, I had lots of time to hang out with Catherine on my back and practiced taking ridiculous shots of her on my back.  Odds were at least one would turn out decent:

Matthew climbed up all the large rocks in the trail "by myself":

The hike was definitely worth it and the falls were awesome.
Matthew wasn't too certain about the bridge to get over to the other side at first:
But it was nothing a quick peach snack wouldn't fix:

We got some really, really good peaches last week and Matthew asks for them about 300 times a day.  When we cut it open he gets really excited about seeing the "armpit" of the peach.  Catherine thought she would taste it:

I love these guys:
As everyone else was long gone back down the trail we tried for a self-timed photo with unsurprisingly only mildly successful results:

Our little mountain goat was enjoying her time out of the backpack and did some mountain climbing of her own:
 And just being a goober:

 On the way back, Matthew was willing to try the bridge himself:
 And we convinced him to ride down so we might make it before sunfall:
 Catherine continued to just chill.  The girl loves her backpack and didn't make hardly a peep the whole hike:
 Unfortunately due to fire restrictions there were no s'mores to be had for the evening but we definitely had a great time with some great people.  It was a little too short but I'm glad we made it and the kids did well overall.  Matthew got a new sleeping bag for his birthday which he loved and stayed in all night (which I loved).  Our tent is still a little small for the pack and play so Catherine slept on a mat near me.  She crawls, rolls and wiggles a little too much but overall had an okay night.  Matthew wasn't eager to leave his friends but he sure was eager to help pack up.  He carried the tent and all our bedding from the upper part of our campsite to the van with his trike.  He was pretty proud of himself:
When we got home Amma and Papa arrived followed the next day by Mas and Pas!  I totally get the appeal of multi-generational households as having an extra hand or two around the house to tend to the kids while I  clean or cook is a godsend!  (Or sometimes vice versa because our parents are awesome.) 

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