Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Downhome with the Derecho

After arriving safely at my parents house, Catherine had a fantastic midnight meeting with our Glo-Worm:
Then we awoke on Saturday and surveyed the destruction.  Our original plan for the day was a trip to the Farmer's Market and then a day at "Pork and Cork" a wine festival/BBQ contest event.  Without much communication it was unclear how widespread the destruction was and we were uncertain where these events fell on the "no storm can stop our sense of community" scale.  The moral is, the storm was really, really bad.  We headed down for the wine festival/BBQ event and 1 out of the 11 wineries was there, 3 of probably 30 vendors and very few patrons.  Surprisingly, most of the BBQ competitors were there, but due to health regulations they weren't allowed to give samples :(  The best way to describe the event was slightly post-apocalyptic with more mangled tent pieces strewn around than standing activities:
I do give everyone there major props for trying to hold it together.  BBQ was still being judged, one BBQ vendor provided lunch and the kids activities still showed up.  Matthew was pretty jazzed and went on the carousel 3 times, even if Papa had to run the carousel because the vendors had given up on running their events at some point:
 His favorite ride however was definitely this:
 And poor Catherine just got dragged along for the ride as always:
 But stopped for a little while to inhale some BBQ and quench her thirst:

 After her providing a sufficient amount of backwash she was more than happy to share:
 Of course little Matt couldn't hog all the time with Uncle Matt:
 And much like any group picture I try and take of these goobers I maybe got 3 people looking at the camera at any given time:

Once we had our BBQ fill, we headed back home to our powerless house, trying to cool off.  Matt and Dad headed out in to search for a generator to protect the family meat/fish stockpile, but not surprisingly there were more people than generators in town.  They ended up with plenty of ice and most importantly a baby pool, though Catherine was maybe confused as she kept trying to climb into the icy cooler: 
Without fans moving around the air in the house it got pretty sweltering and the babies couldn't sleep so we took them out to experience their first fireflies.  Matthew thought they were cool but really he's been pretty jazzed about the free and open access to flashlights to make "moons" on the ceiling.  When he got to stay up and see the real moon he tried his hardest to create 2 moons with his flashlight outside:
Though Uncle Matt is still the preferred form of jungle gym entertainment, no matter the temps or time of day:
The biggest hit of the next day however was the baby pool:
 We played a big game of monkeys in the middle:
 Though this monkey still prefers to be outside the pool dropping toys in:
 And this monkey always enjoys a chance to join the adults on the big chairs:

 Mostly we all did a lot of laughing and the kids a lot of shrieking:

And because I should be collecting these somewhere, the Matthewism of the day:
Me: "Matthew, do you need to go to potty?"
Matthew: "No, I went yesterday"

We're off to celebrate the 4th with more of the same: dirt, water, grilled deliciousness and lots and lots of laughs I'm sure.  

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