Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Berries, Bears and Baby Naps

Before we left on the big trip we headed out with some friend berry picking.  I figure it was good practice for salmonberries.  Matthew was pretty jazzed about it:
 Though as we were picking a friend asked Matthew "How are the raspberries?"  Matthew gave me a holy-crap-mom-you-didn't-tell-me-we-could-eat-these look, and then proceeded to eat his weight in raspberries.
We managed to collect about 3/4 of a pound, which the kiddos finished before we got back in the car.  The farm also offered popsicles for the kiddos and has a bunch of tire swings.  $3 for a snack and entertainment? We'll definitely be back!
Our trip to Alaska was as uneventful as a two flight trip can be.  Catherine took a break to send some texts in the Portland airport:
We lucked out on the second leg and there was an extra seat on the flight so Catherine got to sit in  Matthew's car seat.  It was a blessing for all of us (except the cranky woman in front of us who disliked kids and maybe flying in general).  Sleep is one of my major concerns when traveling as my children turn into monsters without it.  After a short struggle Catherine gave in, though Matthew sure didn't:

 We arrived in town and have had a wonderful visit with family.  Uncle Stoney took us out to his work for a tour.  Catherine finds his publications delicious.
We also explored Teta Sharon's yard.  Catherine had to stop for cuddles:

Playing ball with Teta Sharon:
 Catherine was a more than adequate cheering section:

  Our very tired traveler:
 Matthew re-taught Stormy how to play with trucks:
 And then I managed to convince Matthew to look away from the Olympics for a few seconds for a picture:
 The next day we headed to explore Anchorage.  The tourism brochure oversold the train depot as a tourist donation, but Matthew enjoyed the totems:
 And the little train outside:
 We wandered over to the Ulu factory where Matthew tested out his sled dog legs:
 And then we headed over to Shipp Creek to watch some salmon and salmon fishing:

 Then it was time for lunch at my favorite Anchorage restaurant followed by a trip to the Anchorage Zoo.  Matthew was pretty enamored with the seals:
 And all the animals were pretty active, especially the grizzlies:
 And this cute Camel was quite close:
 Someone enjoyed her backpack ride, but likes loves from Teta Sharon even more!
 And even more hanging out with Daddy:
 All in all an excellent day and our adventure is just beginning!

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