Monday, August 20, 2012

Finn McMissile on the Ferry Boat

If you ask(ed) Matthew what he was going to do in Alaska, he might have joyously announced that he was going to watch Finn McMissile on the Ferry boat.  It was one of the first things he told Teta Sharon when we arrived in Alaska and the first thing he shared when we got back off the boat.   The iPad is mostly a special travel treat and Matthew is definitely obsessed with Finn McMissile.  The downside of traveling in Alaska is that its crazy big, there aren't a lot of roads and the roads they do have are filled with tourists in the summer so travel is often slow going.   When I worked in Anchorage for the summer and then when I lived in Ouzinkie, flights to Kodiak from Anchorage were fairly cheap.   However, they are definitely not anymore so we drove down to Homer and took the ferry (a poor man's cruise if you will).   I knew it was doable as I had this proof it had been done before, when Uncle Matt and I were about Matthew and Catherine's age (though this trip went down in infamy due to some seasick little dudes):

Because of the aforementioned one lane road/RVs/tourist issue, we left Anchorage at 3:30am for our 10:45am ferry.   I assumed the kids would go back to sleep.  I was wrong.  Matthew managed to stay awake for the next 4 and a half hours (though he was almost asleep when we hit some road construction).  He finally fell asleep at 7:59am only for us to arrive at our destination (and the literal end of the road) 2 minutes later.  At least it was a gorgeous morning to leave:

At the point where Matthew was delirious from lack of sleep, we decided to get a "roomette" (a 6'x6' "room" with 2 "bunks") instead of just hanging out in the lounges etc.  This may have been the best $24 we have ever spent.  After exploring the ship and a quick lunch, James and Matthew proceeded to pass out for the next 4.5 hours.

The ferry to Kodiak was fantastic, with a kids play area that both kiddos loved and a large mat filled area for running/crawling around.   If it didn't only run once a month from Homer/Kodiak I'd make sure to take it both ways:

Catherine took a nap or two in her carseat as well as crawled around the boat.  She is also becoming quite the birder and squeals and points whenever we see birds:
 I however, was a little more excited that we saw these guys:
 I believe it was a fin whale, but they were almost too close to get a good picture! This one swam alongside the ferry:

 Catherine perfected the windswept mullet look while we were gone.  She's one of the few that can pull it off:
 We arrived in Kodiak that evening to an awesome dinner and woke the next morning ready to take in some sights.  Luckily, John and Don had some of Matthew's favorite things right in their driveway:
 Though the cloudiness and rain weren't very good for much sightseeing or fishing or even picture taking, they were great for puddles and Matthew took full advantage:

 We then headed up to Ft. Abercrombie.  I was a little bummed that the Military Museum wasn't open, but we took a nice hike:
 And looked at shells:
 And climbed on rocks:
 Which was apparently too exciting for Catherine.  One of my complaints about her backpack is the lack of a place for her to rest her head and how she rarely if ever sleeps in it.  Apparently the right amount of late nights and cool air can prove me wrong:
 And some fun with the rain on the plants:

 When we got back there was even more excitement as they repaired the highway and Matthew got a front row seat with Uncle John:
And of course Catherine couldn't be left out:
And this was just our first day of fun!  More pictures to come as I get back into some form of post-vacation groove, though no promises as the days of summer are fleeting and we have a lot of adventures to tend to on our home turf.

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