Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fish tales

Kodiak and Uncle John and Don's house holds a spot near and dear to my heart.  My first "real" job was teaching in a small island off Kodiak's coast and I spent quite a few weekends where I flew into town to do my grocery shopping and hang out with John and Don, enjoying John's excellent cooking, watching movies and more often than not, waiting around for the fog to lift so I could fly back to my smaller island.  I can't believe it had been 8 years and was thrilled to get back.  As much as the ferry trip vs. flying was a fiscal decision, it was probably the more practical decision as it was a very foggy, rainy week when we visited and we might have been delayed 2-3 days if we had flown.  One of the cool, hidden features of Kodiak is actually the "lobby" of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center.  They have a large 1.5 story cylindrical aquarium, a 40 lb. octopus and a sizeable touch tank.  Or look tank if you are my sometimes squirmy son:
 Catherine touched a starfish but is in a very over-eager, grabby stage so mostly she just hung out.
 Matthew really liked the map:
 And just chilling with Uncle John:
And dropping rocks into a bucket from the truck with some help from Uncle Don (which though we could do this anywhere, feels uniquely Alaskan):

 We picked up yet another Cars fishing pole to spread around the country (which will stay in AK for cousin JJ) which he practiced casting on the porch:
 Preparing for our trip out to the river.  On the way we saw this guy majestically perched:
 But the real excitement was in the river.  Matthew showed Don his casting skills:
 And reeling concentration:
 Catherine meanwhile tasted everything.  I don't think she was too impressed:
 Like father, like son:
 And though James was excited to catch his first salmon, Matthew was less than eager to get up close and personal:
 John taught Catherine to walk softly and carry a big stick:
 But mostly I think he was just trying to keep her from faceplanting in the river:
 Matthew tried a few times to help Don reel his fish in:
 And we set Catherine up to drop more rocks in the water:
 A few more fish on the line and we might have gotten Matthew super interested in touching one or at least standing closer for a picture but we just weren't having a ton of luck (or maybe focus with 2 littles running around).  However, he "helped" Don reel this one in finally:

 It probably didn't help we kept seeing these guys around, who I'm sure were also fishing:
 And some flashbacks just for fun:

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