Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three! Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

Oh my goodness, we now have a three year old.  A loud, energetic, wild, raucous, hilarious and needy yet quiet, sweet, polite, independent and cuddly ball of toddler ups and downs.  Here's some of my favorites from his twos in review:
I apparently had about 266 "favorite" pics from the year and at least narrowed it down a tiny bit to create this :-)  

As always, one of the most exciting parts of celebrations around here is the cake making and Matthew definitely had some input this year.  First he helped mix up the cake and did some very necessary tasting:

And then it was time to make the cake and I then naively realized that he has influences and opinions outside of what I know about him.  More specifically, I thought I had his interests pinned down.  I had ideas for a dino cake and in the back of my mind a cars/transportation cake, a train cake and/or a construction cake which pretty much cover my impressions of his daily interests.  He totally threw me off when he specifically asked for a "Hungry Caterpillar Cake".  He must have been looking over my shoulder on pinterest or something :-)   Here he is adding the sprinkles:
 And Catherine sampling some of the leftover frosting:
 "Mommy.  I put myself in a cage.  No get out" - His imagination is another great part of this age!
 And the finished product:

And Catherine doing a clean-up inspection (thanks Dad for taking this fun photo - if only for proof that every once in a while my counters are clean, even if my kids aren't!)
 After all our dirt work, the main event was a new sandbox!  My original plan was to build one with Dad but with everything else going on, our projects switched to hauling out those clay balls, setting the sprinklers and playing with the kids so I found an old craigslist ad I'd seen and voila, James and I were putting together our new sandbox.
Its pretty slick as it has a roof that we can raise and lower to keep the sun off the kids:
 And these wild beasts out of it:

(Due to the fact that Sky can open our screen door I now have to worry about all three of these beasts getting out of the house and creating chaos!  Catherine definitely slipped out onto the deck the other day with Sky as her accomplice)

 And from Papa and Amma, Matthew got his very own excavator.  We currently have it set up in one of the giant piles of sand we sifted from the clay balls.  It's pretty cool as it can be moved around and we'll hopefully set it up near the sandbox, but who knows where else we'll have Matthew hauling dirt for us.
 We managed to Skype with Mas and Pas and Uncle Matt.  Matthew was excstatic about all of his presents!
 So was Catherine!
 Reading his card from Mas and Pas (I sadly missed Matthew opening his presents from them as I was out trying to offload more clay on some craigslist suckers):
 And a tee from Amma and Papa (I included a gratuitous number of pictures because I think they're hilarious, ya'll don't have to agree):

 Sometimes I'll play tackle baseball and can't ever resist a shot like this!
 And chasing Papa:

It was then time for candles and cake and ice cream.  
 And though Matthew had tasted it all every step of the way, he still approved:
The next day Matthew tested out his new squirt gun from Mas and Pas.  
"I get you Papa"
 "You get me Papa"
 (We also took down a tree out front with dad's help which is why our front yard looks all war-zone-ish, similar to our backyard).   While it was a fantastic week with my parents, unfortunately, Mom and Dad needed to head out for the second part of their vacation to visit Grandma Elsie so we said our goodbyes last weekend.  I wish we could join them, but in just a few days (or 4 sleeps as Matthew perpetually believes) we're headed to visit more of my favorite Pozuns!  There might be a brief blog hiatus while we're gone as I have lots of catching up to do with family and there's lots of Alaska I want to share with the kiddos.

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