Saturday, September 8, 2012

Labor Day and Relaxing Nights

It's been another great, crazy week that reminds me of how much I love it here in Bozeman.   I love visiting family, showing the kids the rest of the world and reconnecting with old friends and we've had a great summer doing so.  However, it's now time for us to snuggle in and hibernate here for a while.  For Labor Day weekend we squeezed some firsts and lasts out of the summer.  I helped man a table at the Farmer's Market and James and the kiddos stopped in to visit:
We made some (minor) home repair progress and worked on fixing our gate which has had some issues since we bought the house and the kiddos ran and crawled and played all weekend enjoying both the sandbox and the sand pit.  We picked up some nice tomatoes and tried to enjoy some BLTs for lunch but someone kept stealing the bacon:

While I had hoped we'd sneak out for a final camping trip, between work and a work party there just weren't enough hours (and a lot of the surrounding forests were/are closed due to fire.)  If there can be an upside to the smoke filled air that's been keeping people indoors its that we've had some amazing sunrises/sunsets/moons:
On Monday we got some family photos done.  A friend of mine is adopting a boy from the Democratic Republic of Congo and as a fundraiser a local photographer is offering really affordable mini-sessions and donating a large portion to the family.  It was definitely a win-win-win!  If you didn't see the pics on Facebook, here they are.  Please click back to Facebook and let Barbel know what you thought!   I'm hoping to catch one more of these sessions for just Catherine so we can give her plenty of time to warm-up and share that million dollar smile (and because I wanted to do 1st bday photos with her and never made it around to getting them)
We wrapped up "summer" by hosting a nice Labor Day BBQ with friends.  Catherine flirted with those big eyes the whole time:
And Matthew ran and played and ran and played.  We've spent the rest of the week playing hard . . . almost too hard as Matthew picked up a bug on Thursday night.  We're on the mend and have big plans this weekend as well.

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