Sunday, September 2, 2012

Laying low and standing tall

We're busy coming down off vacation high.  Laundry's done, luggage is unpacked and for the first time in a long time, it's being put away completely instead of reloaded because we're ready to settle in for a while this fall.  We've spent the last two weeks reconnecting with friends, re-establishing routines and finding some sort of groove to carry us through the year while celebrating the last vestiges of summer with evenings at the beach:
 And the last of lunch on the lawn with friends:

We got this adorable outfit from a friend a while ago and it finally fits:
Unfortunately, Catherine twisted herself right out of it pretty quickly:
 Then went to work in the yard.  She LOVES to go sit on the excavator:

 And big brother likes to show her how its done:
June can't resist getting in on the action:
 And stealing some kisses:
The funnel is one of the kids favorite toys:
 The kids are actually really good at playing independently outside.  Unfortunately the other day I discovered that Matthew likes to use the funnel to pour sand over Catherine's head, and Catherine seems to like it as well.  It explains how she gets dirty so quickly:
 And why I have a permanent ring around our tub :-)  I think I've got the problem nipped from Matthew's POV, but now she likes to dump it on her own head.  Matthew quickly harvested the last of our raspberries when we got home:
 In the meantime Matthew made me a hummus birthday cake.  He was quite proud:
 And Catherine continues to sneak out and create all sorts of chaos:
 She also loves this new jacket from Teta Sharon, and has oddly been carrying it around like a security blanket.  She carried it very carefully to the car this way:
 However, our biggest excitement is this:
Which takes a lot of coaching from big brother:
And you know, if you're going to learn to stand, you may as well go for the win and read while you do it :-)

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