Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Preparations and Parties

We've been getting ready for Halloween.  The blocks may not have gotten put away but I guess Catherine did:
 These blocks are some of my favorite toys.  Not only are they super sturdy and great for imaginative play, they were my dad and his sibling's toys.  They must have been better about putting them away than my kiddos.  Grandma loved to tell me the story that she "told the kids to clean up their toys and they didn't so she chucked one in the fire.  They always cleaned up after that".   Last week we had our preschool halloween party.  The kiddos made treats for their parents:
 Had a halloween parade:
And performed some songs.  I think I screwed up the instructions because these witches turned out far creepier than I'd expect for a preschool craft:
 Matthew's been preparing for Uncle Matt's visit by incessantly taking pictures with my phone.  I'll spare you the 34 photos I just downloaded of the crab table, but every once in a while he takes one that's almost a keeper:
 And while we have plenty of space for Uncle Matt in the guest room, the kids seem to be ready for bunk beds as they have been playing "naptime" during play time.  You can take a wild guess what they like to do during naptime then . . .
 We had a very busy weekend.  Matthew took his final swim lesson for this session and headed off for a "costume" birthday party, giving him the chance to wear his outfit again and continue to crack me up as he stomped around in a chaotic game of 3 year old "duck, duck, goose" or as it maybe should be called "run, run, scream."

The clouds were ominous when we picked up Uncle Matt from the airport but he landed safe and sound and was greeted by two silly monsters.  We didn't even let him get settled before we let Matthew lead him around the hay maze.  Being comfortable with the whole maze concept from last week, Matthew tackled the big maze with wild abandon.  Even when we hit a dead end.
He literally tried to push through.
Matthew had so much fun the first time we did it again, though at the very end Uncle Matt found a very easy way to "help" Matthew lead us through a little faster.  His sugar fueled energy just couldn't last forever.
When we finished the first time he darted to the little maze announcing: "I want to run.  You chase me Uncle Matt" and Uncle's can't say no can they?
 As we headed over to buy tickets for a train ride, Uncle Matt decided he needed to start the spoiling process, and being a good uncle of course picked the messiest of options with blue cotton candy:

 Matthew took on the corn bin again:
 While Catherine just wanted to chill:
 And then she pointed and shreiked at the corn bin so Uncle Matt put her in.  This was only a ruse for her to get some time to practice climbing in and out of things which is her new favorite hobby.  It's mildly cute here and mildly annoying pretty much everywhere else (except the bathtub where it is super annoying!):
 We sent the boys off on the train ride to end a very fun afternoon:
When we arrived home we found a box of goodies from Amma, including this awesome hat made by her good friend Debbie.  Catherine loves it!
We also had very important pumpkin work to do:
The kids painted their pumpkins while we carved and scooped.  I left the option open for carving their pumpkins post-painting,
But the paint was so thick we had a long time to wait.
And the finished products:

From left to right: Matthew, Heather, Matt, James and Catherine

We never made it back to carve the kiddos but we did take the delicious seeds out and have enjoyed them all week.  Matthew is very proud of his pumpkins.  This afternoon our neighbor came over to play.  As we left her house she announced "I love my mama so much."  Matthew added "I made a pumpkin and I love it.  I show you."

After pumpkins we took a last minute trip to the museum to check out the new building/furniture exhibits.  Catherine enjoyed helping Uncle Matt build:
The next day we had our second halloween party with our Moms Club friends.  First Uncle Matt had to round up the monsters (no proton pack needed this time):
And then we headed to the library.  Uncle Matt has impeccable timing as this is the second time he's come to visit and the second time he's helped me set up or tear down the library meeting room.  However, after I put him to work it was all fun making snack necklaces:
Decorating trick or treat bags:
And doing a little dancing:
And some hanging out with her favorite ghostbuster!

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