Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Snow, art and "snow art"

So, when we were in Alaska I suggested to Matthew that we write some postcards for the grandparents and Uncles.  It was a comical, sad, painful event that followed as I basically tried to explain the postal service while Matthew looked at me like I was crazy and kept asking to call or Skype or email or text or facebook or Instagram or basically do anything else but help me write the postcard because he just didn't get it.  I'm 99% to blame because I'm terrible about writing and sending letters/packages but I'm trying to get better and model more actual writing and writing down more of what Matthew says and sending it to family.  However, all of a sudden drawing and a little bit of fine motor control has clicked out of scribble mode and he's been making drawings for us, like this elephant:
And here is the process.  I think when I assume he's saying ton he's either saying tongue or trunk and I'm the one confused.  It all makes sense when he announces the final result:

And here's his process for his dinosaur Santa Claus:

 I fear Matthew has some of my perfectionist tendencies so there's something great and forgiving about doing things on the Magna Doodle which encourages him to branch out and try new things.   Most of his marker/paint/paper art is still scribbling.  In fact, all three kids at preschool made paintings that pretty much looked exactly like this the other day.  One was a mommy, one a turkey and Matthew's was a bear with a top and a bottom.

We've also been talking about the letter M a lot so we made an "M" mountain and then Matthew cut it out and put snow on it and signed his name.  He's really big on cutting and gluing right now so I'm trying to make the most of it when he's not moving at 90 miles an hour around the house.

Meanwhile Catherine's been toodling along drawing on anything and everything she gets her hands on.  Unfortunately most of the time she prefers drawing on Matthew's stuff instead of her own.  She's also still doing swim lessons on Saturdays.  She's getting better but still isn't in love with it.  I think it's an age and lack of exposure thing so we're hoping more trips to the pool will help.
 We've been enjoying the remnants of our snowstorm.  With temps in the mid 40s and 50s the snow was perfectly slushy to push around and make this guy.  Matthew was super excited to make a snowman, but was pretty much zero help once we got outside because there was an unlimited supply of snow around that needed to be eaten by he and his sister.
 We pulled out the tripod and took a quick picture.  I sent James in for a jacket at least because it just looked wrong for him to be in a t-shirt with a snowman and kiddos in their snowsuits.
 Then it was time for some more pure fun between bites of snow of course!

 And snowballs:
 Catherine stayed out of the snow zone by hanging out on the porch:
 We are busy preparing for some Thanksgiving fun.  We celebrated at preschool today and made turkeys.  As we talked about gratitude, I admit I prompted the kids to put mommy and daddy on their turkeys (after a long discussion of breakfast foods they were thankful for).  No idea where camels came from though, but I guess we should be thankful for them.

 We came home to find a fantastic pre-Thanksgiving surprise of smoked salmon from Teta Sharon and Uncle Stoney.  The kiddos were ecstatic about the packaging and drove me batty tossing around the styrofoam I put them to work on some fine motor practice.  This was an act of a desperate woman and not my smartest move as I basically just added shrapnel to the things they had been previously throwing around.
And of course, then Matthew decided his was an airplane.   He has been doing two crazy yet adorable things lately, "whooshing" and wearing his "scooters".  He made a few laps whooshing and scooting around with his airplane and tonight it shall be retired.  Catherine made this very serious and seriously adorable face as she practiced pushing the nails in:
She's not only taken to taking her clothes off on her own but she rips bibs off all the time so most of the evenings she ends up shirtless, especially because we had pomegranate tonight.   And the kiddos in a box because packaging is the gift that kept on giving in our house tonight:

And last but not least, some adorableness the other day at the oil change shop of all places.  I love these monkeys.

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