Thursday, November 15, 2012

Snow, snow and video

We had our first big snowfall last week.  Just under a foot of fluffy stuff the first day and a few inches afterward and some bitter cold.  We spent the weekend cuddled by the fire, working on things around the house, venturing out only for swimming, sledding and snow cream!  
 The kiddos approved!
Catherine found it to be bowl licking good!

On Sunday the sun came out and it was prime weather for sledding.  Last year Matthew wasn't too keen on it, and this year he wasn't either at first.  Catherine was ready to go:
 Poor girl has all of her brother's blue hand-me-down snow gear but sure does rock some pink sunglasses!
 Matthew decided he'd rather play on the playground equipment:
Until he saw a cool older kid he wanted to emulate.  Thankfully it wasn't the high school/college kids who had cobbled together a jump with a long bungee, picnic table, sheet of plywood and cooler/dorm fridge but instead the, oh, probably 3 and 3/4 year old tearing it up down the hill.  Matthew then decided he needed to go all by himself with a big push:

 And one final run while big brother took little sister down the hill:

And because I often forget to upload and manage our videos here's a random collection of the kiddos being goobers, like the kids "helping" me sort and clean out our dressers/closets:
Oh so helpful:
As if just watching Matthew wander around in his costume wasn't funny enough, here he is engaging in a sword fight with his fun party favor:

And Catherine attacking Uncle Matt, both in costume:

and out:

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