Sunday, November 11, 2012

These boots were made for walking

This is how we roll in November.  Sunglasses, hat, pajama pants and crocs.  All are required by a very picky toddler to prepare for hanging out outside.
 Catherine meanwhile spends most of her time rearranging everyone else's shoes and putting them on.  When she's not rearranging shoes she's also rearranging our furniture.
 Though some of it James and I did as well.  We moved one of our loveseats from downstairs to the master to give us extra cuddle space for reading bedtime stories:
 Catherine's speech is really picking up and she loves to talk on the chicken, errrr, phone.
Some other big news has been her progress toward walking and learning her body parts:

 The nice weather from Halloween extended for a week or two and we tried to take full advantage.  One afternoon I taught the kiddos how to hopscotch:

As you can see, Matthew almost got it :-)
In preparation for the holiday season we got an early visit from Rudolph:
 And headed out for some Bobcat encounters:
 Matthew showed us his giraffe imitation:
 While Catherine was a girl gone wild as she took her shirt off and proceeded to dance:
 "Take my picture mommy!"

Don't worry, everything is all good here.  This kid isn't up to anything at all:

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