Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day Fun

After Santa had looked at the rock and enjoyed his treats it took someone a long time to get to sleep.  Matthew had a lot of questions and concerns about Santa keeping him awake.  Apparently he had some temporary amnesia because he woke up, wandered out of his room and announced/asked "Someone left a box in my room?  Who left a box in my room?"  Santa continued our tradition of "A Book in Every Bed" with a box full of fun books, including a new adventure featuring Harold and his Purple Crayon - a new favorite.  
 Matthew then headed downstairs to find his new car track from Amma and Papa, which let immediately to lots of whooshing and crashing of cars:
The instructions specifically tell adults to step back and let the kids explore with the track, but it was really hard for all of us not to offer suggestions for new track ideas, like down the stairs:
Catherine slept a little while longer and then it was time for her books:
 She was excited to come downstairs and climb in and out of her new camp chair from Mas and Pas:
and test out her new four-wheeler:
And shopping cart from Amma and Papa:

 She's very particular about what goes in the cart and Skippy Jon Jones doesn't make the cut:

Catherine then dug around to the bottom of her stocking:

But really enjoyed the challenge of lifting the bubble bath:
 We then got serious with lots of gift unwrapping (Catherine's favorite part):

 Though Matthew was pretty excited too:

The kids got new pillows for traveling and camping:
 Which Catherine decided she needed to test out immediately:
 Speaking of testing things out, I got a remote shutter which has been a lot of fun, though no one was too keen on taking a break from the festivities to test out my toys :-)

 After a breakfast break to recharge we were back at it and the kids were as helpful as ever:

 Matthew modeled his "dragon" hat from Teta Sharon:
 And more books:
And more helping:
 And a leg lamp thrown in:
And bath toys from siblings:
 And chaos and chaos and chaos:

There was Skyping and phone calls with Mas and Pas and aunts and uncles with new toys and sweaters and more.  Of course, there was a bit of silliness:
 And some more playing with the remote:

 And some picture time with Amma with new sweaters and jewelry:
 We think Catherine might be teething, but she's also been a pretty big fan of showing off recently too:
And Uncle Matt:
 And Papa, though unfortunately they were about done with pictures at this point:
We ended the evening with a nice dinner.  It was a wonderful day.  We all got a lot of nice and thoughtful gifts, all of which have been put to good use already and it was wonderful to have all the Pozuns together for Christmas for the first time in a while.

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