Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Things we are doing and not doing

Since we last wrote, the kiddos have been busy gobbling potica:

 And we put new batteries in our star turtle and I cleaned out our closet so the kids have had fun playing in there

 Our big excitement was our gingerbread house.   We used the Good Housekeeping recipes found here and here and I fully endorse them.  Though the dough was hard to work with, it baked up into very sturdy pieces and the frosting was incredibly thick and functioned as a great mortar.   Matthew helped in each step from picking out the cookie cutters to the design of the house.  He chose polka dots over stripes for the roof.
 And after a flurry of food coloring, sprinkles and disaster we ended up with this.  The little snowman stayed plain so Matthew could play with him:
 And we put a light inside so Matthew could "see" inside and the snowman could see inside:
 In the front yard we had two apatosaurus in the water (the sprinkles were their food) and the stegasaurus in the yard eating "grass".  They were fenced in so they didn't run away.  Tucked back behind the house were our moose, reindeer and coyote and in front was our green cat with orange eyes.  Meanwhile Catherine was superhelpful in eating the supplies:
 We also had a lot of fun last week as we headed on a field trip to the animal shelter.  We made dog treats:
 And the kiddos put their aprons on for some cat cuddling:
 We took a tour of the facility and learned about how they test animals for adoption.  Catherine passed the temperament tests with the "aggressive" stuffed dog, the human hand and the (admittedly creepy) kid doll.   I wouldn't necessarily say she passed obedience with flying colors though :-)
 Cat cuddling:
 We also opened an early present from Uncle Matt.  Someone's had a lot of fun with his new puzzle:
 And because this is the only way in which Matthew evaluates movies, he has confirmed that The Grinch is "not scary".   We also got some snow and took advantage with a quick sledding trip.  We were racing sunset but Matthew had a great time sledding:
 And Catherine had a great time eating snow off her mittens:
She has a love/hate relationship with her mittens, as in she hates her mittens, but hates her hands being cold even more.   And just some fun shots of her and daddy from the other night:

 And her and Matthew being cute and cuddly with each other:
 We picked up some fun at the dollar store the other day and made some official monsters:
 Matthew had his preschool Christmas program/potluck on Friday.  It was cute and we had a good time.  Unfortunately, later that night Catherine come down with croup.  We spent the weekend holed up keeping our germs to ourselves.  Fingers crossed this passes quickly so we can get on with the Christmas fun!    And speaking of fun, here's the kiddos playing their new favorite game:

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