Monday, January 7, 2013

Sending off 2012!

After our big ski adventure we took a few days to hang out as a family, play with new toys and in general goof around.  We made another batch of potica:
The dough wasn't as elastic as we'd have liked this time so it took the whole family to get it rolled and stretched out:

And what trip to Bozeman is complete without a stop at the Museum to say hi to Big Mike.
 Catherine saying "Hi!" to Catherine the T-Rex:
 And more "wow"ing with Uncle Matt:
 Meanwhile Papa and Uncle Matt explored building trusses:
 And Catherine explored the ramp.
 We played around with the remote shutter again for a family picture.  Even the singing Marshmallow Man hanging near the camera wasn't enough to get everyone's attention at the same time:
 And since it'd been 10 years since I got my first digital camera and 10 years since we took a Pozun picture near the tree, we re-created this oldie but goodie:
And because I'm a dork, we recreated my favorite Majdic photo too!

There was lots and lots of reading:

 Some even by flashlight:

 And drawing pictures of Papa (specifically Papa teaching the kiddos how to do somersaults and Matthew waiting for his turn):
And what would a holiday be without taking the kiddos to the distillery and hanging out in front of the barrel tree:
Though in all fairness, the kiddos were being quite the troopers.  We had planned to swim that day, only to have missed the hot springs because they were replacing power poles out front, turn around and find out they aren't open on Saturdays!!  We appeased the kiddos with a trip to the tropical fish store and appeased Uncle Matt with the whiskey.  Unfortunately, Uncle Matt headed out on Sunday but we got to keep Amma and Papa until 2013.  They watched the kiddos for us while James and I took an extended date night.  It was awesome.  Their flights got delayed a bit so we hung out in the airport waiting with them and said goodbye.  While we were all focused on getting matthew to not be a doofus for the camera, I apparently missed that Catherine had her fingers in her nose in all the shots.  Awesome.

 All in all a great way to end 2012 and bring in 2013!

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