Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The day to day

This past week we stayed busy with preschool and hanging out with friends old and new.  We also ran a few errands and picked up our tickets to the kids concert.  I should have run this errand solo as now Matthew asks every day when we are going to go see "Dr. Noise crash into the Symphony."  I guessed at the number but it's about 19 sleeps as he likes to remind me.  Needless to say, they were excited about this errand.  Matthew has also declared it "his favorite" already, though I think that is because of the robot in the ad.
 And *knock on wood* the kids have stayed healthy through this whole cold/flu explosion around us.  However, with play dates etc. I've been slightly paranoid about us having it and sharing it with others so the thermometer's been floating around the house.  Matthew was using it the other day because "I'm just fixin my head because it is lumpy"
And speaking of health and hygiene, the kiddos being cute and brushing teeth:
 And it is completely lost in this photo due to some creepy motion blur, but this is Matthew working on his computer.  He likes to lean the cover of a book against his turtle to make a "laptop" and go to work typing away.
 This past weekend I took a much needed and awesome trip to West Yellowstone with some friends for a girls weekend.  Lots and lots of fun, some skiing, some girly movies and a gorgeous sunset off our balcony.  One can't ask for much more!
 When I got back I had a birthday celebration for a friend to attend, but it appears the kiddos and James had a pretty good weekend:

 And now we're hosting another week of preschool, hanging out with friends and trying to avoid the ickies floating around.  Matthew has been watching daddy pack his lunches as he snagged these from the cabinet and announced "this is for my lunch to take to work."  Whatever work he's going off to, he must be anticipating severe hunger:
 This week has also led to the introduction of the Gunny Bag from our preschool curriculum.  It's been working really well to keep the toys in order, though Matthew has a weird fear that requires him to be kept hidden when he's not eating toys and Matthew asks about him a lot.
Part of our preschool lessons this week have been about order and responsibility so we've been practicing putting on all our snow gear by ourselves as well.  Matthew is rocking it but Catherine is excessively uncooperative.  We've had quite a few bad (read: lots of screaming for seemingly no reason) trips out in the snow over the week, but today she was willing to hang out for quite some time.  
 I love these monkeys!

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