Saturday, February 23, 2013

Star Wars, Glaciers, Big Red Dogs and other weirdness of our weeks

So last we left off we had just celebrated James' birthday which meant Valentine's day was not far behind!  Matthew's preschool cohort has had a run of sickness (which we have avoided *knock on wood*) so our small preschool has been hit or miss.  However, we were able to get together Valentine's week and Thursday they had a Valentine party!  I had seen these Valentine's on Pinterest:

And decided to put a little twist on them and came up with this, which we added glo-bracelets to for Matthew's party (which was a giant pain in the butt to do without activating the sticks so I can't imagine doing it for a class larger than 5):
However, the pre-photo shop outtakes are pretty fun too:
Matthew addressed each one in his crazy handwriting:
He had a super fun time at the party and like usual, was moving around too much to get a good picture. Catherine at least moves at a slower pace and even though she had "helped" stuff our goodie bags, she was still excited about the tattoos and treats from Amma:
Speaking of her being all adorable, here are some pictures from snacktime the other day.  I love this first one because it very much captures her spunk and sass:
 She is such a ham!
That weekend I headed up to visit my good friend Jenn in Whitefish.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't great (February rain. Gross.) but we were able to take a drive up to Glacier for the morning and as always it didn't disappoint!

Unfortunately, it was too short of a trip and we didn't make it up to the top of the mountain at the ski resort for lunch considering this was about the last we saw of the mountains before we were socked in! Either way it was a great time with a good friend.  Meanwhile, James and the kiddos had fun too.  They apparently headed to the Winter Fair and while they did a lot of other cool things, the trains were the biggest hit as always.  Apparently the club has really upped its game since last year with an Atlantis section:
And there was lots of around the house silliness too I guess:
Since I've gone back to staying with the kids full time, James has been a rockstar about giving me some extra personal time with friends and away from the kids.  While its always nice to come back to their excited screams and hugs, it's nice to take a breather every once in a while. 

This week has taken the same pace as the past few in that it has flown by filled with lots of friends, exploring and silly time.  We've been trying to add in our own SSR (silent, sustained reading) and while most of the time the kids have a hard time not making each other crazy, every once in a while it works and they (mostly) "read" to themselves while James and I read.  I think we've hit a record 3 minutes this week!
Every ski town has a crazy awesome toy store somewhere in its downtown and Whitefish was no exception.  I took it as an opportunity to pick up some water beads as a treat for the kiddos when I returned.  They sure have had fun with them:
 And though we haven't made it out skiing, we did make it out sledding one day (where again, Matthew wouldn't stand still for a picture so they were all of the back of his head!)  I did, however, convince Catherine to take a picture with me:
 And an inadvertent favorite:
 We headed to a friend's 5 year business anniversary party where we tried out the photo booth.  Catherine was not amused:
 And then today we helped celebrate Clifford the Big Red Dog's 50th birthday (or would that be 350th?).  The kiddos made ears:

 And signed a birthday card for Clifford:
 And got to meet him!  I was worried Matthew would be disappointed because he had told me about Clifford being "big like a mountain and glacier" but he was pretty much in awe.  Catherine, not so much:
 And in another big step for the little man when it comes to big characters, he was willing to give Clifford a hug!

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