Monday, March 25, 2013

Home Away from Home Repair

After our big cabin getaway the other weekend, I got bit by the camping bug.  Since we had gathered all our gear up, I figured we'd pop open the camper and organize a bit.  I also did a bit more research into winter camping.  We put some insulation under the beds of the camper, picked up a little propane heater and finally got Catherine a real sleeping bag.  We even had our first backyard s'mores of the season:

The forecast for the next weekend was showing lows right around freezing for the night and 55 degree days.   Since this has pretty much killed any of the xc skiing close to home I got excited about switching into camping season.   Long story short, as we were packing up the camper we discovered that the seals on our roof seams were shot and the camper had taken on a lot of water in the foam and wood in the roof.  On top of that both kiddos picked up colds.

Soooo, we've spent the last 2 weekends at home working on the camper.  Unfortunately this has also meant that 80% of the photos I've taken recently are of rotted wood, screw holes and other various angles of the camper to help guide us through our reconstruction.  We are hoping to have the roof mostly put back together by the end of this week.  On the days when it's nice out, the kiddos ride up and down the sidewalk on their trikes and tractors while we work in the garage (or Matthew convinces Catherine to push him!).  Even with their colds I have been trying to get them outside at least an hour a day, partially to force myself to get some yardwork/garage work done but mostly for my sanity as they sleep better, eat better and are generally better behaved with lots of outdoor time.

 Or we've gotten a bit of spring fever and have been headed out to our favorite parks, or walking to the grocery store with a park stop thrown in:

On the days when the weather has been less than nice we have either put the kids to work:

 Or they drive us batty.  On the not-so-nice days they run figure 8s in the garage (generally fussing about the other one touching something) while James and I try not to get tetenus from the camper edges that we are squeezing around.  We are at a stage with lots of gluing and painting where we need to keep as much heat in the garage as possible so things work and flow.  Hopefully the weatherman is right when he predicts nicer weather coming this week.

During our nice weeks we've been spending a lot of time outside as the kids ride up and down the sidewalk, chase the cats or move rocks and dirt from one location to another.  This whole change in seasons is quite exhausting!
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with some dancing:
And kisses from Elmo:
We headed out to the museum to check out the new rainforest exhibit:
And helped put on a craft day with jell-o, popsicle painting:
Followed by a much needed bath:
At some point in one of our moves I downsized from 5 or so potato peelers to 1.  I have since realized one should have at least 1 per child in the house, which may explain why grandma Jennie had at least 4 in hers.  Until we up our peeler numbers, Matthew's a pretty good dicer:
But mostly he really likes tossing them in the water:
Meanwhile Catherine's language is in the process of exploding as she experiments with more and more words everyday.  You can tell what we've been preoccupied with the camper/camping as some of her clearest words are "flashlight" and "hot cocoa please".  Another favorite is "Sky NO!" as he is just the right height to steal snacks from her hand.
And Matthew playing with his new Vet get-up from Amma and Papa.  He's pretty serious about taking care of the stuffed animals in the house.

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