Friday, March 8, 2013

Pushing Hard and Pulling Back

We've had a busy few weeks with outings, friends, field trips and more.  We've been a bit busier than I'd like in the past few weeks so this week we are pulling back a tad (though Catherine's runny nose/fever/potential pink eye also is greatly influencing this!).  Here's a series of pictures that have been floating around the camera for the past few weeks.   On Tuesdays while Matthew's at preschool (when I'm not teaching) Catherine and I have been trying to hit up books and babies a little more often.  It's nice to do something just the two of us.  I also enjoy picking out new books to introduce to Matthew as sometimes the books he picks just kill me.  We picked up a book the other week, The Big Blue Spot:

Where a blue spot meets a yellow spot and well, you can probably figure out the rest.  We decided to "try" it out by blowing watered down paint with straws.  It didn't work real well as the kiddos couldn't blow hard enough so we switched to brushes:

Matthew was pretty excited that it worked like the book.  While it looks like we'll spend the weekend recovering, I found more pictures from a ski day a few weeks ago.  We headed up a great little trail close to town, taking a break of course to play in the snow and of course, taste it:
And snowshoe:
And attack Daddy:

It was a really gorgeous day to ski and James and I learned a very important lesson about our "waxless" skis.  We hit some warm, soft snow and we may as well have been skiing across chewed bubble gum.  We tried to slog along for a while but once we realized we weren't making it back into the shade we turned around soon after this photo.  However, it really was a great day to be out skiing.
So we headed out for this adventure about 9:30/10am and for whatever reason, the kids were being total pains in the butt about sharing space in the trailer, riding with the lid down etc.  We spent a lot of time reminding them not to annoy each other (and us).  They ended up passing out somewhere along the way and were still asleep when we got back to the car.  As we were sitting there debating to wake them up, Matthew woke up and without a beat started flapping his arm over to hit his sister.  We're guessing it's actually what he fell asleep doing and needed to do as soon as he woke up.
And our two, partial-napping cuties in their thermals:
And a winter park playdate with friends at the "climbing" park.  I was impressed how well both kids did climbing with their mittens on, especially little Ms. Daredevil who just wanted to run with the big kids!

And another random book project!  I picked up Pat Hutchins "The Doorbell Rang" the other day, remembering it was a great classroom book, but not remembering why.  

As we read it a few times (the story is about sharing a dozen cookies each time more friends arrive) I realized Matthew liked the story, but I didn't think he got it.  One night, we retold the story with marshmallows:
And of course Catherine had to retell it too:
Matthew's 3 year old sense of fairness (and making sure Catherine didn't get more than him) really helped his division skills :-)

In our preschool curriculum, it discussed a Daddy's Day but didn't really elaborate, so we had the dad's meet up for dad's night at the library one evening.  Matthew was pretty excited:
And then we were back again to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday with cat make-up, a sneeches star machine, wacky hair and more!   
And bathtime to wash off our cat faces:

 It was our week to host preschool and on Tuesday we set up an obstacle course.  Matthew's favorite was the ramp:
 Meanwhile Catherine threw her first "fashion tantrum" and insisted on not only wearing a hoodie but 2 dresses on top.
 Though I attributed the tantrum to her lack of nap, she was also coming down with the crud.  The next day she insisted on wearing her jacket all day and cuddling on the couch, which was totally cool with me.  
Who knows what we will do this week, but as my last two (maybe 3) posts have all been with phone pictures maybe I'll pull out my nice camera for a bit and get some non-grainy shots of these goobers!

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