Monday, April 29, 2013

Blogging the Highlight Reel

Every few weeks an article like this one piques my interest and that of my facebook friends.  And while I get the sentiment, I guess I feel like one of my first internet lessons (thanks pep-band) was email/internet=/= real life.  Though that sentiment's intention was to remember that nice people can be mean trolls on the internet, the opposite is certainly true.  When this issue comes up I waffle between adding a giant disclaimer to everything like
*5 seconds prior to this picture the kids were screaming, still had yogurt in their hair from who knows when and were likely dressed in something covered in cat hair and dirt while emptying the contents of all my cupboards and personal belongings on the floor
*Don't worry, I know that you know that I know that this is all a highlight reel.  I won't tell  about yours if you won't tell about mine.  *wink*
But at the end of the day, while this blog definitely has little direction or cohesion, it's mostly a highlight reel, the best of the best of the weeks.  While I understand the cries of "people need to be more real on the internet" and certainly don't want to add to an online culture that makes people feel bad about their own lives, I'm going to continue to crop out the dirty laundry strewn about and mixed with the tissues a handy toddler has sprinkled on top in photos.  I also plan to continue to edit the parts of the week where my kids have watched too much tv, have been crying constantly at the injustice of having a sibling breathe in their vicinity and have only eaten foods in the brown/white color scheme.

Parenting (well, life really) is tough and I already spend enough time beating myself up about these things so I opt not to relive them here.  So for now you are stuck reading mostly about the puppies & rainbows version of our lives.  However, if it makes you feel better, or your dying for more reality, just pretend that every picture is viewed through a frame like this:

and add this video to the end of our loop and you are golden :-)

Anyway, to the point at hand, here are the highlights of our past few weeks.  We are now running out of days to get the camper back up and going before our first camping trip so that has been the focus of a lot of our time and energy, as well as an exciting trip to Virginia.  But as I have something like 85 pictures in my "to blog" queue, let's just go sequentially into this adventure of cuteness.

First, Matthew has taken to holding Catherine's hand.  When he's not trying to drag her kicking and screaming into a closet, it's actually quite cute.
 And then there was the day a few weekends ago I went garage sale-ing.  I promised not to bring back anything I didn't need and to stick to my list but managed to come home with this:
 Which is the perfect attire for speed grocery shopping.
 The weather has been crazy (aka normal Montana spring weather) and oscillating between blizzard temps and 70 degree days.  When it's nice out the kids are littering the sidewalk with bikes and helping me with home improvement projects like repainting our mailbox.

I'm pretty sure Catherine is part monkey as this is how she insists on climbing into bed and catapulting herself over the bed rail:
 She goes down for naps with two books and two monkeys (and Boo of course and a pile of miscellaneous blankets, pillows and other stuffed animals).

And hanging out with Daddy:
 And Catherine has developed the perfect puppy dog eyes that make it very hard to say no to her.
 Including when she insists on climbing into her brother's bed for nap.  I let them try once and unsurprisingly instead of napping there was a lot of roughhousing, shrieking and then the inevitable crying :(  At least it was cute for the first few seconds.
 We finally got our trip to Grandma's.  We stopped in for some delicious Granny's Donuts and then hit the road.
 I think everyone was very excited when we got there!!

 I was doubly excited because my mom had brought my old baby quilt from Teta Sharon for grandma to repair and it was ready to be passed on to Catherine.  It appears she approved.
 We spent a lot of time at grandma's catching up and working on her newest puzzle.  We took a few breaks to go help cousin Joel do chores.  Matthew was pretty enamored with helping cousin Joel, even if he was kinda intimidated by the animals.
Oh yeah, and he spent a lot of time trying to rope his sister:
 Catherine spent a lot of time snuggling with grandma, and testing out this smile, her second line of defense in getting what she wants:
 And more chores:

 We have been reading an ABC book from the library and the M page is "Maude's monkey makes marvelous milkshakes."  Matthew and I had discussed milkshakes and he really wanted to try one. Being the awesome parents that we are, we punted the whole discussion and told him he should ask his grandparents :-)  Sure enough, Matthew asked grandma Elsie. So, on our way to do chores we stopped by McDonald's to pick up shakes.  Matthew finished his quickly and declared them delicious.  Catherine agreed.

 And really, between the eyes and that "cheese" smile, we probably would have gotten her more if she asked :-)

All in all it was a great weekend with grandma and we got to extend the trip by a day as we got snowed in.  I don't think anyone minded:

 We finally made our way back home slowly but surely.  The kids are decent car travelers, but Matthew has become enthralled with "peeing in the grass" so we had a lot of stops along the way as Catherine had to try too, but only 10 miles after her brother of course.  At least they picked some gorgeous places :-)

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