Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Fun

Sunday morning we got the kiddos all dressed up for fun (thanks for the awesome dress Amma and Papa) before they headed downstairs.
 The night of the Easter bunny's arrival, we had a fantastic plan where the dogs would sleep in the Master with us as not to scare the Easter bunny or eat any treats he might have left.  We even put out the iPad and snacks outside Matthew's door to keep him from sneaking down the stairs before us.  Unfortunately, Catherine had a really rough night and James and I were in and out of her room all night so neither of us were all that functional when Matthew woke up.  He not only snuck down and peeked at the baskets but we think at some point the dogs got out.  The chocolates were intact:
 And the peeps:

 But the kids came up about 6 eggs short in their hunt:
 We found evidence of shells that matched the missing eggs and we are pretty certain the dogs ended up getting the bulk of the eggs under the table.
 While we were Skyping, Catherine busted into the chocolate and then took her stash over to the stairs to enjoy:
 The Easter bunny left us a new game:

 And lots of fun outside toys:
 And Catherine was super stylish in her extra large snowboots:
 Showing off:
 And we did more bike riding:
 James and I got new water bottles from Mas and Pas for Christmas and the kids have been obsessed with drinking from them.  Luckily the Easter bunny brought them their own:
James took the kids to the park to test out Matthew's kite.  Catherine was lady-like at the top:
 But ended up going a little wild toward the bottom:
 Kite flying:
 We had a fairly traditional Easter dinner and spoiled ourselves with some Costco cheesecake.  I let the kids draw shapes and then traced them with melted chocolate to make some fancy toppings for our store bought cheesecake.  My chocolate was too runny so they weren't attractive but as Matthew loves to say they were "deeee-licious"
 The weather here has been gorgeous so we've been outside a lot finding bugs:
 Playing t-ball (in a helmet of course because in his book "Froggy Plays T-Ball" they wear helmets:
 And taking the dogs for walks:
 Matthew thought Catherine needed a turn too (and of course Boo came along):
 And on the warmest day of the week both kids picked out sweaters to wear (you know, while their peers were in shorts and tees).  However, maybe it was just an excuse to ask for popsicles, their new favorite afternoon snack:
Both kiddos are doing better but we aren't able to take our trip this weekend either as James is pretty busy at work.  It's raining and gloomy here so we'll see how the weekend shapes up with these two wild children.

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