Sunday, May 12, 2013

More Virginia Fun!

 First, Happy Mother's Day! We had a fantastic weekend here, but I still have pictures in my queue from some fantastic time we got to spend with our amazing mothers.  But first up, we had a very quick visit with Uncle Matt.  Unfortunately, Uncle Matt was in a wedding the weekend we were scheduled to hang out with the Pozuns so we just got a few evenings with Matt.  It's okay because as little man is counting down, we get to see Uncle Matt again in 14 days!  
Uncle Matt's house is always a ton of fun and the kids had a great time with the Nerf guns.  Well, until I dramatically announced "you got me" after Catherine shot me and she broke out the sad face.
 And some general goofing around!
 While the Watsons were watching the kid they made it their job to hit the park and were super excited to show it too us when we got back.  The rain kept us away a few days but then the kids were able to show off their skills.

 Watch for planes:
 Splash in puddles:

 Don't worry, Matthew walks softly and carries a big stick:
 The kids loved the rocking chair at Mas and Pas:
 Love these goobers!
 After an always too short visit in Northern Virginia we headed down to Amma and Papa's house, where they had a super surprise for the kids:
 Dad saw this awesome firetruck come across his work's craigslist equivalent and thought the kids had to have it.  We are so excited they'll be bringing it out to us this summer!  The kids did plenty of reading with Amma:
 And went to storytime at Amma's library with Papa:

And of course we spent twenty of time sending golf balls down the old downspouts too:
 And playing with these ridiculous glasses:
 Mom and Dad wanted to treat us to dinner at their favorite little B&B so I thought I'd use it as a chance to take photos.  While I was working to set up the tripod, dad sat down for me and the kiddos ran over and I just happened to snag this shot:
 And then the shot I was going for (kinda) with lots of cheese faces:
 And down at the Gristmill:
 Vacations are such hard work!
 Especially when you take on some chores:
 Or are busy blowing bubbles:
 Or are being spoiled by Papa with root beer floats while Mom and Amma are out at a play!
It's always a pleasure heading back to Bath County.  While my high school relationship with the area was tumultuous at best (but really, isn't that just high school) it's such a nice place for a little escape where everyone still somehow knows your name, especially after the traffic and crowds of DC :-)

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