Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Day We Saw Thomas and even more VA Fun

Because visits with the grandkids are cherished and rare due to our distance, it takes a big event for the grandparents to willingly cut a visit to their homes short.  However, when Amma and Papa learned Thomas was going to be in Baltimore, they were more than willing to head back to the DC area early (and I'm pretty sure they would have never heard the end of it from Uncle Matt had they skipped it!)  We are super blessed that the grandparents get along well and the Watsons invited our whole brood for dinner.  Matthew was pensive at first (okay, not really but I love whatever this expression is that I caught!):
And it didn't take Catherine long to strong arm Papa into rides down the hill

 While Matthew went into full force rolling:
 And attacking Daddy:
 And more running!

 We printed this picture for a preschool project the other day and Matthew proudly announced "These were my family's flowers"
 After dinner we headed back to Uncle Matt's house which confused the bejesus out of little Matt since Uncle Matt wasn't there.  (As a side note we will soon be getting together with Grandma Elsie, Teta Sharon, Uncle John and Don, Amma, Papa and Uncle Matt - Matthew's mind is completely blown since we will not need to take 2 planes or a ferry for all of this to happen).  Anyway, Catherine wanted to show off Uncle Matt's nerdery:
 And the next day it was time to head to Baltimore.  First up was the large Thomas banner:
 And the Shay Engine which was similar to the engine we took in West Virginia last year.  (Interestingly a volunteer shared that this engine was originally at Cass and the train we took last year was originally at B&O but since the museum train actually worked they switched.)
 With Sir Topham Hatt.  Catherine was actually really pumped about this but I think she was just a little too close:
 The kiddos were pumped about their Thomas tattoos
 And we made macaroni necklaces
 Checked out the non-petting petting zoo:
 More tattoo showing off:
 Checking out the model trains:

 Matthew's first bounce house:

 And finally the moment we'd all been waiting for!
Someone was super jazzed!

 They punched our tickets:
 And we were off!
 I'm super sad I screwed up the metering on these next two because they are super cute!

 More models:
 Caboose fun:

 And our obligatory picture with Thomas.  Kudos to the staff taking expensive pics for blocking the exact place where one would need to stand to take the best pic.
 After we said goodbye Amma and Papa we had one more day with Mas and Pas before we headed out on our red eye.  I was able to meet up with a college friend while Mas and Pas took the kiddos around the park.  It would appear Catherine had lots of opinions and directions :-)
 And it's also apparent they had a great time!

 Thanks to Pas for the great pictures.  Sadly we we headed back to Montana that afteroon.  As I (sadly) predicted, this airport picture is the best picture I got of Mas, Pas and the kids.  Guess that just means they have to come to visit soon :-)
 Our flight into Minneapolis got in a whole hour early (hello padded flight times!).  It was already crazy late but we knew getting the kids to sleep in the airport was a lost cause.  Luckily we found this awesome play area in the airport where my little zombie travelers got to play!

There were at least 5 families on our flight (all with at least 2 kids) so we were in good company for taking a 10pm flight with kids.  Eventually all the kiddos slept after minimal fussing so I'll count it as a win. 
*Thanks to Papa and Pas for most of these pictures!

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