Friday, May 3, 2013

Virginia Bound!

After a whirlwind visit to Grandma's, it was time to get ready to visit the rest of the grandparents in Virginia.  These spring trips throw me for a loop as we our climate of snow and ice where jeans and a long sleeve shirt are appropriate 95% of the time for the heat and humidity of the east.   As I scoured the kids clothing for season appropriate attire to bring with us, Catherine was exceptionally helpful as she refused to wear anything but her brother's old Avengers shoes.  Let me rephrase, ONLY her brother's old Avengers shoes. 
 We think we've finally found our ideal route of BZN->MSP->IAD/DCA.  This gives us 2 - 1.75 hr flights which are long enough for a decent nap if possible and short enough that there's a light at the end of the tunnel if the kiddos don't nap.  Plus there are large wooden animals in the Minneapolis airport:
 "Mom, let's take pictures with all the animals"
 And the cutest of all cute things as the kiddos hold hands in the airport:
Besides the ridiculousness we encountered at check-in, kudos to Delta for being super great to the kiddos on both flights AND for letting James board ahead of us and get the bags/carseats settled without hassle while the kids ran out the last of their energy.  It's amazing how many times we've been denied this opportunity or given grief.

Once we got to Virginia we were greeted by Mas and Pas where we dropped of the kids for some adventures while James and I headed to Foxfield with our college friends.  Good times were had by all (see!  there's a jump behind us!)
 And we snuck away on an ice run for a quick jaunt through grounds and a visit to the rotunda:
 I'll have to grab pictures from Pas but it sounds like the kiddos had a great time without us and us without them!  We then headed back to Mas and Pas for a visit.  We got some good time in with the cousins.  The weather didn't cooperate and we had a few days of rain.  It was exhausting.  While Catherine has been my good sleeper, she's needed a bit of company while traveling:
 The kids didn't mind the rain and had a ton of fun just rocking along with Mas and Pas
 And Matthew loves the circular layout of the house where he can run laps around us. (He insisted I take a picture of him going fast and he's just too fast for focus)
 And of course they love cuddle time with Mas and Pas, as well as cousin Lynn and Aunt Jean:

And plenty of stories of course:

We had a great time with Mas and Pas and there's plenty more fun to come!

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