Friday, May 31, 2013


I can't believe it's been one week since Matthew's preschool "graduation."  None of his class will be headed to Kindergarten next year but it was nice to have a little gathering to celebrate the end of the year.  James helped the kids hand out awards to their mothers:
 The kids did a few songs:
 And got to put on his cap:
 And pick up his "report card" and "diploma"
 We stopped back home for a few minutes, where it appears Olivia was ready to join us for our upcoming trip!
 We headed south with our newly repaired camper.  On our way to the campsite we spotted this guy:
 And quite a few of these!

 And a few more yards down the road was our campsite!  We had heard the bison were at our campsite a few hours before we got there and Matthew found the proof!
 And we ran down to the river to catch a last glimpse of the sun:
 And then we headed back for a campfire and glo-stick fun!
 And the kiddos got new headlamps which they were pretty pumped about!
 It was dang cold that night but the monkeys were pretty excited for some cocoa and oatmeal!
 James followed us down to Yellowstone for the night just in case we had trailer difficulties and we got to hang out with him at the Upper Geyser Basin.  Matthew saw some other kids taking pics with this tree and he wanted to join in!
 And we wandered around:

 We took James back to West Yellowstone where we had lunch and were lured in for some taffy samples.  I made a rookie mistake and let the kids pick out blue for the one in the car trip:
 We didn't make fabulous time traveling through the park but it was gorgeous.  We stopped for a bit at Willow Creek to look for some moose but all the trails were closed because of bear sightings!
 And being goobers on Togwotee Pass:

 But coming over the pass we finally spotted our moose!
Coming down the pass wasn't half bad either:
 At the bottom of the hill, we stopped for gas in Dubois where one must take a jackalope ride:
Catherine wouldn't have anything to do with a jackalope after 8+ hours in the car.  However, the kiddos did really well and we didn't even have to pull out the iPad (until it was crazy windy and raining out at the farm later in the week of course!)  We did however, play a lot of I-Spy-*insert random farm animal here*

We are now at grandma's working to clean out grandma's farmhouse.  It has been almost 6 years to the day since we moved out to Wyoming (and started this blog) and 3 years to the day since we moved to Montana so there are a lot of emotions and thoughts and memories flowing through my head, maybe ready for a post, maybe not.  Regardless, it's been amazing to have all the Pozun and Majdic"kids" together to play with the kiddos, and not to brag, but this is what we will be up to tomorrow :-)

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