Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back in Bozeman

As we left Wyoming, I realized I had a bit of a camper dilemma.  Though our camper's "new" roof had survived its first rainstorm without leaks, our wiring to the tail lights had not.  I had no desire to drive through Yellowstone without brake lights, especially at night after my last late-night near run in with a bison.  Thankfully, John and Don were able to help (and by help I mean totally replace the wiring by themselves while I watched and/or tending to screaming children) so I have fully functioning lights again.  However, we got a bit of a late start, so I ended up stopping halfway and camped with the kiddos.

The first site I backed the camper into was absolutely gorgeous AND I had managed to get the camper backed up without hitting a tree which was exciting enough.  However, as I got out of the car I heard this "whoooosssshhhh" and realized that about 10 steps from the site was this:
 And 8 steps in the other direction was this not so little stream:
As I have 2 fairly mischevious monkeys who constantly have a devilish grin:
 We made for a different spot for the evening.  We explored a bit:
 Matthew found this "really cool" stick:
 Unfortunately after we got packed I realized I hadn't checked in with James about when/if/where we were going to stay so we drove back up the road to make a call.  This wasn't a bad place to get reception:
 And while my two little monkeys conked out:

 I enjoyed some solo time around the campfire in the company of a million stars.  The next day we drove through Yellowstone, stopping only for bison and potty breaks, for which the scenery can not be beat!
 When we got back we caught up with a few friends the next day and then we had a few more visitors.  John and Don headed my direction on their trip up north and stayed a few days.  We of course hit the museum:
 And the moon:
 Or at least the new space exhibit.  Matthew loved watching himself on the thermal camera:
 Then there was the dinosaur park:
 And some fish feeding at the Fish tech center, where my phone overheated and I didn't end up with any pictures.  Of course there was also story time:
 And Matthew offered to take our pictures as we said goodbye.  I was so glad they were able to stop in!  The kids were so excited to show them around and have a whole list of places to take them next time they visit :-)

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