Monday, July 1, 2013

Beating the Heat

While it was very tempting to try and schedule our family get-together around the 4th of July (it's kinda insane in Lander/Riverton) we are all very thankful that we did it early as it started to get hot and no one was really keen on hanging out in a dusty attic in 90+ degree temperatures.  As we were tying up loose ends the temperatures started to creep up so we headed to the mountains.  We headed up to a lake on the loop road outside of town and let the kids go wild on the beach:
And of course the boys quickly gravitated toward the sticks:

There was lots of helping get shoes on and off with feet tickling:

Bug collecting:
Matthew had a keen interest in the rocks as we drove around and discussed many scenarios about climbing them.  When we got to the site he started climbing and even convinced Uncle Don to join him barefoot!
 And sheer silliness:
 Lots of burying feet in the sand with Teta Sharon:

 And some horsey rides with Uncle Don:
 We had lunch and Matthew go to roast his own s'more:
And this guy paid us a visit:
 Mom and Dad graciously stayed behind to finish up the sale of a rototiller but caught up with us at the end for some more fun:

After a long day of sun and sand we headed back to town.  Red Canyon was spectacular with all the balsamroot in bloom.

The guys thought they maybe saw an animal down in the canyon so I took a picture with my telephoto lens:
When I cropped and zoomed, I'm pretty sure this is what it was:
You know, or a rock :-)  It was so pretty down red canyon I took grandma for a drive the next day to check out the flowers:

The road into the canyon was open and it was even more impressive from down within:
And when we got back to town the kids tested out Catherine's birthday present from Matthew.  It is extremely poorly designed, but they love it!
 Cuddles with grandma:
And some photobombing from Matthew:
Catherine gave grandma's harmonica a whirl:
 And taught the kids a thing or two with her new kindle:
 As with any Pozun get-together there was lots of bacon to be had, which always set off grandma's super sensitive smoke alarms.  Luckily Catherine knew what to do:
 And taking a rest from rough housing with Uncle Matt:

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  1. Wow that is gorgeous scenery! You are a lucky lady :)


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