Monday, July 29, 2013

Micro-blogging, Micro-vacations, Micro-exercise, and messing with the space-time continuum!

To fill in the lull of posting when I get behind on the blog (which is clearly often since we my last post was from Glacier, a trip we did a month ago!) I have set up a widget to automatically share my Facebook pictures on here in real-time.  So basically, for those of you who are already my friends on Facebook, my apologies that you will probably see some pictures 3 times since I'm very forgetful.  For those of you who aren't on Facebook, you will get a glimpse at the inane photos I share on there.  Also, this means that the blog will skip around in time a bit because my facebook "micro-blogs" stay closer to real-time than my complete blogs. Clear as mud?  Great!  Oh yeah, and this is all an experiment which for a variety of reasons I'm not certain I will continue so if the facebook blogposts disappear soon, let's all forget that I wasted your time with this paragraph! :-)

Now, in regular blog time we just returned from Glacier, which was fantastic.  When we got back we headed to the park with friends, caught up with our playgroups and then I headed to Portland for the weekend with a good friend!  She might have only been half-serious when she suggested I meet up with her in Portland because it was "close" (or at least closer than NY!) but what I heard was "opportunity for an adult weekend in a cool city with an awesome couple oh my goodness sign me up now!"  I had a crazy flight and a few delays so while I was waiting in the airport I got these sent out (with the wrong date, but still!) and felt productive.  I also may have binge-watched all of Netflix's Orange is the New Black (which I wouldn't recommend to everyone, but if you aren't too sensitive it's a great show!) but that's what childless weekends are for!
 While  I was in Portland we saw weird Portland, walked lots of gardens, ate lots of good food, saw a good movie in an uncomfortable theater and in general had a great time.
 The kids apparently did okay, based on the photos he took, they may have spent the whole weekend in this box!
 Which was probably best as these storms in Denver didn't help my ability to make it back in a timely fashion:
 When I got back I saw James in passing and then he headed out of town for a work training.  The kids were worried the house might be too quiet so they played a lot of piano while he was gone:
 We got this awesome lamp in the mail from Mas and Pas (courtesy of Uncle Ed) which inspired a little room reorganization.  Matthew loves it!!
 We also went for a much needed haircut!
 And headed to the library book sale where we picked up some more great finds.
 And Catherine just being Catherine.

 Love these goobers:
Then the next weekend we finally had a Saturday at home!  We took it as an opportunity to take care of a few of the projects in the garage and converted an ugly craigslist dresser into this:
 But mostly we were super excited because Mas and Pas were scheduled to arrive!  The kids even asked Pas to sit on their laps!
 Then we took them to the fair!
 Where we met these cowboys and their horses.  This picture is kind of a miracle because Catherine was scared to death of the "horses":
 It's interesting to watch our fair (and I'm sure many others) evolve to accommodate the changing demographics of fair attendees.  Ours does a great job with entertainment for little kids and city slickers alike.  The kids enjoyed the Wild West kid area again where Matthew rocked out:
And Catherine clearly was guilty of something!

 And there was a completely different petting zoo this year!
 The kids took part in the fair's Discovery Trail which seems to have two goals: reinforce healthy living ideas (which was the countered by the free ice cream and pizza coupons we were given!) and get kids and families into all areas of the fairgrounds.  At each of the 8 stations the kids had to do an exercise like touch their toes:
 Block jumping:
 Or stepping:
 Clif Bars were an apparently generous sponsor of the whole thing so we stopped for a clif bar break (followed by funnel cakes, but shhhhhh!)
 The kids then took a ride on the train with Mas and Pas:
 And came back to clap along with an odd trashcan-drum ensemble.
 At about that time the rides opened and after getting the lowdown from his buddy next door, Matthew was set on hitting the rides:
 He started in the trucks that were very slow, smooth and flat, which he thought was awesome.
 The old rickety cars that went up and down?  Not so awesome.  This must have been as he was getting off because the rest of the time he had his hands glued to the steering wheel:
 Daddy went on the bears with him and while I had taken Catherine in (she started crying everytime she wasn't allowed on a ride) I heard that he wasn't a big fan of these either.  He was however, very brave in trying them all, but if he has no interest in rides next year I'll gladly pocket the savings!
 We headed in for a science magic show and cotton candy!
We said goodbye to Mas and Pas the next day, but don't worry, they came back soon and hopefully I'll blog something soon!  We have lots of fun pictures from someone's 4th birthday!  

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