Thursday, August 8, 2013

Waiting for a birthday!

After our fair adventures, in what appears to becoming a summer tradition, the kiddos took a large box from our garage and painted it with the leftover paint from our dresser project for a "house"
 They had quite the fun with it!
 Matthew introduced Mas to the mud kitchen:
 And there were lots of stories read:

 And breakfast cuddles:
 Mas and Pas headed out on an adventure as the kiddos and I explored three new parks:
 I had friends over one night for making bleach shirts which turned out really cool:
 We explored a new area on the way to playgroup and found these two:
And a playdate at the splashpark!  One of my friends takes some of the best pics of my kiddos! 
Took Boo for much needed walks:
 And the kids learned they could gorge on raspberries in the back yard.  Too bad we were a little slow to realize that they were picking at their dinners only to then choose 10 minutes of backyard time as their pre-bedtime activity, and then eating a dinner and a half's worth of raspberries.  Luckily we have enough this year that the dogs are leaving enough around for the humans!
And of course the Birthday celebration!  We started with making the cake.  The mixer was apparently too loud:
 But the batter was delicious!
 And our end result!  Though Amma and Papa couldn't be here, they sent a box of party goodies including 4 perfect candles:
And Matthew enjoyed putting some gummy dinosaurs and rocks on the cupcakes for his guests:

Then the kids headed over to the museum for some fun with Mas and Pas while James and I made a paper-maiche hamhock because we are awesome that way.  

The next day we ended up scheduling family photos on Matthew's birthday as our favorite photographer happened to be in town!  We just did a mini session so my goals were a good family photo and then some good ones of Catherine as she's kinda gotten the shaft as the second child (even though it was technically Matthew's birthday).  She's a tough nut to crack when the camera's out but Amy just posted this gorgeous sneak peek:
And we snuck away after the session so I could grab a picture with Mas and Pas while we were at this gorgeous park:
 The whole thing was exhausting for Catherine!
When we got back it was time to open reveal some BIG presents (that James and I were up late the night before putting together, not that we're bitter or anything :-))  First it was this ridiculously large and awesome pedal bulldozer/excavator.  I'm pretty sure when I said no loud and obnoxious toys, Dad and Matt took that as a challenge to find the biggest non-electronic toy in existence.  Matthew was ecstatic!
He later realized he had a hard hat too and now it's rare that he is "doing 'struction" without his hat:
And later we revealed his awesome new basketball hoop!  He talked about playing with his buddies all year and is thrilled to have his own.  He still calls it "soccer" sometimes, but we're working on it :-)
And because there was so much excitement in the air waiting for the party we knew nap was out of the question so we cuddled up for a bit of a movie:
 And then it was party time!  There were dinosaur tattoos:
 Breaking open our fossilized eggs (oh yeah, and the aforementioned paper-maiche hamhock is behind me.  The kiddos used it to make volcano explosions.  I didn't get any pics without others in them but trust me, it was exciting :-)


 And presents!  We had a great group of his friends able to come over, along with the excitement of Mas and Pas being able to share in the big day.  Matthew had an awesome time and is already planning his next birthday!
A HUGE thanks to Pas for taking most all of these pictures!  Amidst the hubub I didn't grab my camera as often as I'd have liked and am so thankful for these great photos!  

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