Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bathroom Makeover, Digger Days and Geocaching Fun

A few weeks ago, Ace Hardware was having their big free paint event, where they give away a quart of free paint in any color you choose.  As our entire house is beige (save one wall in the Master which is a very exciting dark beige) I thought this was the perfect inspiration to repaint something, and decided to start with our guest bathroom.  Here is the before:
Before we sold our first house, the only room we had really personalized was our 1/2 bath, which became our geology bathroom.  I find rocks to be the perfect bathroom decor so I unartistically threw some in this bathroom (utilizing the completely random shelf the previous owners leftand called it good.  I decided it was time to class this up and got to work thinking "we aren't having guests until Christmas so I have plenty of time."  These of course became famous last words as one of James' friends called just as I had created a hot mess of paint brushes, a large oblongish swatch of "test" color and and a half painted set of shutter doors.  We love guests so it was the perfect push to get the room finished, or at least usable and decorative.  With some "help" from the kids and some crazy "back to school" sales in this little old college town I got it mostly finished before Po came.  I also found a decent place to display some fun vintage shell collections from my great-grandmother's collection and finally got to hang up some fun artwork Uncle Matt had sent a while ago:
There are still about a hundred small things to do to correct some of the previous owner's poor finishing skills and some big things to do like hang a mirror and replace the baseboards, but hey, I have until Christmas right?!?

The other weekend we were supposed to go camping, but due to my bout with a stomach bug we didn't make it out of town on Friday.  Waking up Saturday I decided to be responsible and finish the guest bathroom so James took the kiddos to Digger Days, a fundraiser for a great adaptive sports program here.  The kids enjoyed it.  Matthew looks ready to take on a job as foreman:
 Testing the steamroller:
 Playing in the tires:
 The kiddos got the opportunity to work the backhoe:

After all that hard digging I guess it was time for a sno-cone break!

 And the kiddos two favorite movie stars were there!

After some exhausting dirtwork (and my exhausting painting debacle) we decided naps would be a necessity before we headed out camping.  While the kiddos napped I finished packing the car, meanwhile James had now come down with the stomach bug :(  With the campsite reserved, the car completely packed and two excited kiddos, I decided to take the kiddos by myself while James recovered.  We headed just up the road to Missouri Headwaters.  Our original plans had involved floating the river but without a second adult and without the dogs, we had plenty of time and space to throw the bikes in.  We headed out on a scavenger hunt courtesy of the state park/campground host.  Matthew found a lot of scat but not a whole lot else as I recall.
 I had packed a dutch oven feast for the weekend, but without James and with crazy winds and rain, the kiddos ended up having some combination of jerky, nutella and clementines for dinner in the camper as we waited out the storm that just didn't end.  The next morning we tried again with a full camp breakfast, their favorite yogurt and their matching Lolo Pass shirts from Mas and Pas!
We took the bike to the trails and with a combo bike/hike found our first geocache.  
 Which was large enough for lots of swag, including a bunch of McDonalds-esque toys I'm sure other families were trying to get rid of :-)
 We headed back to camp for a picnic, and one of the kiddos favorite new things to do with everything (popsicles, jerky, sandwiches, fruit etc.) which is "cheers":
 And catching bugs.  Our campsite was nice and big and private with a great grassy area, but surrounding on 3 sides with a marsh and therefore lots of bugs and mosquitos :/  There was also some largish sounding animal splashing into the water that night that kept me awake when the howling coyotes weren't!
The kids had a ton of fun and I really don't mind taking them solo, though I obviously prefer when James comes.  However, with the rain/wind it was far less fun than originally planned and cabin fever sets in really quick in our tiny space.   Our site was also impossibly far from the bathroom and I forgot to bring the little potty for Catherine, so we regressed a little bit on potty training, which she didn't mind but I found rather annoying, especially as the pile of potential non-pee clothes for her to wear grew smaller and smaller.  We started one multi-cache while we were there that we didn't have the time/energy to finish AND we didn't get to test out our new floats on this section of the river so we will definitely be back!  Plus, as Matthew points out, the doggies didn't get to come, so we owe them a camping trip too.

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