Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Playdough, Pumpkins and some Gratuitous Costume Shots

I'm giving up on chronology for a while so today I'm going to work backward for a bit :-)  Right now, we just dropped Matthew off at preschool and Catherine is sitting next to me playing playdough.  She got to pick everything so it's sparkly black, a decision I will probably regret in about 2 minutes.  When I get my one on one time with Catherine we try for a nice balance of special projects and alone play.  She enjoys her toys and playing a thousand times more when Matthew is no where near to advise, guide or steal :-)

She also has been "developing" this knock knock joke all morning :-)  

Much of the rest of our excitement of course revolves around Halloween at the moment.  The excitement started a few weeks ago when we got out the Halloween boxes and the kids wanted to help decorate.  It turned out we don't have as many decorations as we thought so we ended up making some.  We started with some marble painting:

that we turned into spider webs for some handprint spiders:

James took the kids out for Dad's night and they carved pumpkins and/or drank beer and jumped on the furniture depending on who you are talking to :-)  Either way it looked like a ton of fun!

Oh yeah, and speaking of pumpkins, we made two trips out to the pumpkin patch this year.  Fall isn't nearly as 'romantic' in Montana as it is on say, the East Coast, but when we get a nice bluebird day it's nearly impossible to stay inside and do chores (or maybe that's just me!).  This is from the park the kids and I walk to a lot:
 Waiting for the hayride:
 Picking out the perfect pumpkin:
 Both kids really wanted pumpkins they could pick up themselves:
 Catherine spent a good 10 minutes walking around sitting on different pumpkins and saying cheese, making nearly this exact face each time:
 Hayride back:
Once we put the pumpkins in the car, it was time for playing on the haybales:
 And under the haybales.  Catherine loves these tunnels:

 You would think my kids would know how to look at (or at least near) the camera by now, but alas.
 Our kiddos are generally pretty squeamish around petting zoos but they really enjoyed these goats:

 Which was good because the second time we went (on a weekday) the goats weren't nearly as fat and sated and were pretty aggressive over the feed cups!  They had also nearly run out of pumpkins and/or they only had the little school group pumpkins around!

 The pigs were also very active which the kiddos enjoyed.  If you get a chance to ask Matthew he'll share all the nitty gritty details.

Let's see, what else have we been up to, oh yes, Halloween costumes.  So, for about two months Matthew wanted to be a praying mantis and Catherine was going to be a ladybug.  Admittedly, Matthew's praying mantis obsession stems from his Ghostbuster costume of last year:
When I got the idea for this costume, we decided Matthew was old enough we'd need him to buy into the idea if he were to really sell the costume.  After attempting to show him the Ghostbusters movie (which was too scary about 5 minutes in) we found some of the old Ghostbuster cartoons.  The one that features the Marshmallow man also features a character, Murray the Mantis, and thus the obsession began.  

HOWEVER, when we were on our last road trip Matthew's happy meal came with Batman glasses and thus, a new obsession has begun.  Sadly (or preferably) all Matthew knows about Batman is what I've told him, so if you ask him about it he'll probably answer: "He gets angry people" "He climbs buildings" and "He has a hook" so we've been educating him about Batman with the old Adam West TV series.  I'm guessing now he's even more confused :-)  We convinced Catherine to be Robin and their costumes ended up turning out pretty cute and versatile!  Here are some gratuitous shots of the kiddos showing off:

 And of course we needed a funny face photo:

 I don't know what he was doing here but this one cracked me up!
 And of course, superheroes LOVE to run!

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