Tuesday, January 14, 2014


After our sledding excitement we continued our Christmas Eve tradition of sorts with appetizers and Pas' delicious peanut soup.  We worked with Catherine on taking slices of potica instead of the entire loaf she tried to munch on:

Catherine contemplated her wine glass of apple cider:  
 James and Mas entertained us with Christmas carols:
 Then it was time for pajamas and opening a special Christmas Eve gift, an I Spy game!

 The kids picked out treats for Santa and helped me write a note and leave a picture of a gigantic ghost for Santa:
 And one passed out baby girl!
Santa snuck in and left plenty of good things out over night! 
 Including our family's traditional "Books in Bed" which we got to reading immediately.

 There was palpable excitement as the kids made their ways down the stairs:
 She was pretty excited to get a scooter and something Ghostbusters!
 Checking out the art easel from Mas and Pas!

And testing out their new scooters and bike!!

As we waited for the rest of the adults to wake up the kids went down to check out their stockings:

Catherine got the rest of her "list" with a stocking full of candy!

Speaking of lists, I don't think I shared this but these were Matthew's original Xmas lists!  We generally shoot for having the kids think about things in terms of the whole "want, need, wear, read" idea so  I asked Matthew to come up with 4 ideas (on the right.)  It was one of the first times he really "got" representational drawing so when he asked to make another list I mistakenly encouraged it.  I worked with him on the idea that these lists were just suggestions, but when you have a very loving and generous family with too few grandkids, they sometimes get used as kill lists:
If I remember correctly, this was (from l-r): scooter, game, skis, bike like Dexter, camel backpack, new bike helmet, "Chick Hicks" slippers, a book with a giant spider on it, a pteranadon shirt and a ghostbusters book.  Meanwhile Catherine's original list was this:
Which was interpreted as "Robin for Halloween".  Anyway, as Catherine's list later changed to "Ghostbusters and candy" she was ecstatic with some Pez and her too-mature Ghostbusters comic book.   Once we gathered the family there was lots of present opening:

 Some new PJs:
 The kids helped hand out presents:
 There were breaks for breakfast and for some indoor scootering:

 There was lots of "camel backpack" wearing:

 A new Pteranadon shirt!
 Lots of new legos for Catherine and Lego mugs for James and I, and lots and lots of camel backpack wearing!
 Catherine going on a picnic:
 A surprise hit of the day was this voice-activated robotic Dinosaur from Uncle Matt!  Matthew has been shouting commands at it every day since.  Kudos Uncle Matt because not only is the toy itself incredibly loud, Matthew shouts at it incredibly loudly so I think it's a double win in the world of obnoxious gifts from Uncles :-)  It has been duly noted in my revenge notebook as well (sorry future Mrs. Matt Pozun where ever you are!)
 We also got some great activities from Uncle Ed and Georgina like these origami boats!
We took a quick break for some family photos!

 Thank you to whoever taught my kids that every formal pic needs a silly picture!
 It was a very, very exhausting day!!

After some naps and rallying we sat down for a nice Christmas dinner!

 Followed by some Christmas crackers, English Pudding, Marionberry and Christmas Oreos for dessert because we are classy that way! :-)

We ended the night with a few games and laughs.  A fairly successful Christmas indeed!

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