Saturday, January 4, 2014

Yellowstone - Third Day's still a Charm!

Sadly, our Yellowstone adventure eventually had to end, but not without a bit more fun.  We had one more meal in the Hotel and because it was Sunday we were treated to a wonderful brunch.  
 The kids were *done* with long meals in the dining room so Catherine and I took some discovered her reflection in the Christmas tree:
 And it became clear Matthew was done coloring his Elks pooping and multi-colored bison by the fourth time:
 Then it was time to pack up the room.  Catherine got her animals ready for a hike:
 And the kiddos got their important treasures packed up:
 Catherine wanted to help pull the sled instead of ride:
 And Mas and Pas were ready to go:
 We checked out quite a few springs:

 And eventually Catherine decided to take a ride and convinced Matthew it was fun to pull her:
 More springs!
 Once we got halfway down the terraces, James and I realized it would be pulling teeth to get the kids back up to the top so Uncle John took the kids down to the bottom of the hill and we ran to the top and grabbed the cars:
Once we were done with the geysers it was time for Matthew to pick an activity and he picked sledding.  Apparently there was once a small ski hill with rope tow in the park that should have been clear-ish.  Unfortunately, it was hard to see it as we were headed westbound, so we just found a slope and the next pull-off and plowed a sled path.  Matthew had a hard time sitting up but a great time sliding down!
 Catherine kept sliding under her flower hat, but I think she preferred it that way!
 A great action shot from Pas:
 Catherine, covered in snow with her face pulled into her shell:

 Another great action shot!
 John very dutifully helped us carve new trails when trees popped up in our way:
 Pas even took a turn!
 And a few shots with my monkeys as we waited on the snow berm in the mostly safe zone at the bottom of the hill:

We left town with the good intentions of stopping in Gardiner for lunch but found very little open on a winter Sunday at 2pm.  It was a good thing we hit the road when we did though because we hit quite the snow squall on our way home.  Oh yeah, and on our way out we spotted this guy and Pas snagged a great shot:
Not a bad way to end a great trip!

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