Sunday, August 17, 2014

Montana Adventures with Amma and Papa

After the superhero extravaganza and a completed , we got to spend a whole week hanging out with Amma and Papa.  Matthew got his new glasses which he was super excited about!

 And then we headed out of town to spend the day in the Old West at Virginia City! Catherine was as sassy as ever!
 We went for a swing at the old schoolhouse in Nevada City:
 And took the train!

 Catherine hammed it up with her sunglasses.  This is the last we saw of these sunglasses.  I forget the details but there was a tantrum, some stomping, some sass and somewhere along the way I'm guessing the glasses got lost.
 After we went out to dinner at a restaurant with a pool table Matthew had been obsessed with learning to play pool so we stopped for a game at the saloon.
 Meanwhile Catherine nursed her Huckleberry soda all day!
 The kids took some fun trips to Ace with Papa.  Catherine was stylish in the bike trailer (with her new, rockstar sunglasses of course):
 And Matthew did an awesome job on his bike:
We headed out for a picnic at the trout ponds to feed the fish:

 And then we headed out for some geocaching treasures:
 It was also Sweet Pea weekend and Amma and Papa got to join us for that!  Both kids wanted to run:
 So James and I divided and conquered, figuring (rightly so) that the kids had vastly different paces:
 Catherine ran with three expressions, determined, cranky and smiling.  At the beginning she was determined:
 Matthew was ready for high fives!
 This was smiling because she saw Papa:

 And her sassy, cranky run!  She had lots of cheering for her but for the middle part of the race she was pretty ticked off that Matthew ran off without her and she couldn't see him/catch up.
 At the festival it was time for Matthew to participate in a Bozeman right of passage, the wooden sculpture section.  For 3 hours of the festival there is a consistent pounding of hammers and throughout the festival you can spy all kinds of 3-D sculptures being hauled out by tired parents.
Painting his final sculpture.  I forgot to take a picture but it's a big, parallelogram type thing.
Catherine chose to have her face painted:
 Like a tiger!
 Matthew and Papa also made a stomp rocket:
 It has provided us hours of fun and even made the trip to Wyoming:
 Catherine enjoyed retrieving more than launching:
The best view in the house:
 There were lots of opportunities for some grandparent spoiling with yummy fair treats:
It was a great day with lots of great music and activities and we were so glad to share with Amma and Papa!  The adventure is to be continued as we took our craziness to Wyoming next!

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