Sunday, January 11, 2015

Baby Blue Steel, Portraits and lots of Play!

I'm trying my backwards march through Christmas again, this time after all the kiddos are asleep!  Before Uncle Matt left, we did a lot of hanging out.  With a fussy baby, Uncle Matt with a cold and lots of new toys there was no reason to leave the house!  I grabbed some photos of John as he was working really hard at lifting his head:

 And he did a lot more chatting with Papa!

 We headed out for a nice dinner at a local steakhouse!  Many delicious (and odd) drinks were consumed, including some dessert hot cocoa that was to die for!  The kiddos did really well for a 2+ hour meal.  It's always easier when they're way outnumbered!

 There was lots of tic-tac-toe to play for the big kids:
 John studied the scotch listing and then conked out for pretty much all of the meal:
 I had given mom a photo gift for Christmas and I needed a portrait of her and dad.  The kids jumped in at the end with the photobooth props of course!
 Mom and Dad:
 The final project:
And since the last portrait I had of them was from my wedding, I took a new portrait for my parents.  The kids were helping Amma and Papa to smile by being ridiculous behind me:

Uncle Matt had a very good Christmas with bourbon finding in Bozeman, so good we had to run out so he could ship some back!  John was a pretty happy kid to run errands with us:

 Christmas day ended with a fantastic dinner!  John couldn't be bothered to wake up and join us but was pretty content napping with me:
 We kept the English Christmas crackers from last year as a tradition!  The kids love them!
We all enjoyed our crowns and John slept through all the cracking!
 A fantastic prime rib courtesy of Dad and Matt and Dad's new meat thermometer!
 And we did some cheers for all the great things that happened this year!  Much like Thanksgiving the kids favorite parts of the year were school and the rest of us thought baby John was a pretty good highlight of the year.
Since we were all dressed for dinner, it was family portrait time with everyone.  The light was crap but it's always great to have a picture with all 8 of us!  And of course there was a silly pic!
 Catherine recently can't keep her hands out of or away from her mouth.  Turns out she had an ear infection we discovered the day after Christmas so that may have been why:
She was willing to help me set up the photos and play around all by herself:
 She's so goofy!

Papa and John also jumped in to help:
While we prepped dinner, John did some chatting with Amma:
 And of course Catherine needed to be in the picture!
 And Amma got some smiles!
Christmas afternoon was spent lounging around and playing with new toys.  Catherine tested out her new science kit making some dancing raisins: 

 Matthew of course had to help:
And Uncle Matt helped her out with some color experiments:
 Catherine got new princess dresses and played lots of princess with Papa:

John played with his legos, or maybe Catherine and I played with his legos and then set them up for him!

 We had a nice visit with the Virginia Watsons over Skype and were able to open presents.  It was exhausting for a little Batman!
I love these two and this picture soooo much!
And on that note I'll wrap up as I'll be up tonight with that adorably sleepy baby and I should probably head to bed.  Next up, Christmas morning and more!

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