Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Redux!

For a variety of factors (including the adorable ones chronicled below) any semblance of workflow I've had for the blog is GONE.  So, I'm working on trying out something new, that will hopefully increase my number of posts and decrease procrastination (decreasing procrastination is a project 30+ years in the making for me so don't hold your breath).  Anyway, I'll let you know how this new idea goes later, but in the meantime, here's what we've been up to as of January!

First up was our three-headed baby!  Matthew "invented" this game and a two-headed or three-headed baby pops up in our house a lot.
 We still had a lot of snow in January so I took the kids out skiing with some friends one morning.  Sourdough is a fantastic multi-season trail, especially with kids, but as I've only ever done it with the kids we most often find it necessary to celebrate the 1 mile mark.  With running training I should make it out to mile 4 but right now most everything past this sign is a mythical land!
Since it had just warmed up to a balmy 10 degrees I was a little nervous about bringing John, but I had just done some reading on the Norweigian dedication to "Friluftsliv" and true to my reading, John took a fantastic nap the entire time bundled well in cold weather.  Catherine also rocked the adventure as I was the only one in our group with kiddos in tow, and truthfully I was just proud we made it out the door with all our gear :-) 
 When we got home we had a package!  I met a gal through our Mom's club that makes adorable and crazy affordable knit hats.  Since J was outgrowing his snowman had, we went for a fox hat this time!
 Then it was time to get ready for Matthew's school's first movie night of the year!  The kids helped make brownies, or more accurately, helped clean up from making brownies!
 The movie was The Lego Movie, so we made themed brownies.  Here's our finished product!  They were ridiculously sweet but the kiddos enjoyed them and the school made a bit of money from the endeavor.
 And oh my goodness, a baby in overalls and a fox hat getting ready for a day out!
 Sister of course wanted a picture too!
 Sleeping baby!
 Awake and happy to see daddy baby!
 As always it's standing room only at the Watsons to see John!
 Back when we had lots of snow we built a small sledding hill off our deck for the kids to play on when we were at home.  It turned out to be a lot of fun and we could all sled while John napped!
 We are in the market for a new babysitter and dog sitter as the gal down the street moved, so I decided there was no better time to get pics of all the animals.  Sky still LOVES the snow and fetch/burying his ball.  He's certainly getting grey through the muzzle and chest though.

 Sweet Olivia.  She moves a little slowly nowadays (except to attack Iris) but she's still a sweetheart.
 More sweethearts!
 Oh Iris.  She is still loud and obnoxious and has picked up a few really obnoxious habits (that sadly work) to get our attention.  Her favorite is climbing up on the chairs on the front porch and scratching at the window until someone lets her in.  She also still has a very loud yowl!  A few months ago she got stuck on the roof and the neighbors behind were worried about her.  Just a few weeks ago the same neighbors came over to check on her because they were determined she was stuck on the roof.  They looked at me in disbelief as I tried to explain that's pretty much the sound of her "voice" all.the.time.  In this instance she was just yowling in the backyard on the porch but refused to come in when we opened the door FOR HER.  Stupid, stubborn cats!
 And dear June.  It's a struggle to get her outside when it's cold and snowy but James lovingly scoops a clear patch in the grass for her so her belly doesn't have to brush the snow too much.  She still has no real hobbies except sleeping in chairs and taunting Sky so all around she's pretty easy going.
 Oh and she still is a face licker for better or worse!

 And then there was some tummy time for John, photobombed by big brother of course!

 And smiles!
 And the phase of crazy, random, jerky arm movements!
 Where every once in a while he's accidentally hit something and grab hold!
The next weekend Matthew took his first cross country ski lesson!  
 A local XC ski ranch offers a day of free lessons and reduced price trail fees that we greatly appreciate!  James and Matthew went up and took lessons and then I brought the kids up so we could all ski together for a while and then I stayed for my own lesson.  A technique refresher is always helpful AND our very skilled guide admitted it took him 2 seasons of skiing 60+ days a season to ski faster than he runs.  I had always assumed the glide would inherently make me faster so it was good to hear my ski pace is not that abnormal for someone who doesn't get in 60+ days yet!

 A sleepy, snuggly baby fox bear.
And that's all for tonight!  In "real time" we moved John to his own room and I'm off to take advantage of the fact I won't need to tiptoe around my room with the light from my smartphone to put on PJs and brush teeth etc.  Fingers crossed he sleeps as well in the nursery as he did in our room, otherwise James'll had a lot of rearranging to do tomorrow night :-)

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