Friday, March 6, 2015

A Fantastic Start to February!

Oh my!  What a February it has been!  Our Februarys tend to have a predictable rhythm.  Superbowl, Yellowstone, a ski adventure, the family symphony concert and some additional snow fun pretty consistently make up our Februarys in Montana.  However, we have had an unseasonably warm winter with little to no snow in the valley for our regular sledding and skiing.  Our Alma Mater also happens to be doing incredibly well in Men's Basketball to the point where the games are not only televised, but televised in such a way we have access to them!

Though things have changed, we all still enjoy our lazy mornings reading the paper:
 And of course the addition of this happy little guy has changed up our routine this year!
 His smiles and giggles are certainly contagious!
 And speaking of changes, it was time to stop fighting the tangles and cut someone's hair!
 The before and after!
And Matthew showing off the stuff he got from the visiting dentists at school:
 Someone has found his fingers this month and boy are they delicious!
 Of course, February means it's time to celebrate James' birthday so the kids helped make a cake!
 We made a robot from one of James' video games:
 We all put on our party hats:
And in keeping with our tradition, had cake for birthday breakfast!  
 John of course helped blow out the candles:
 It was time to update James' snapshirt collection so he headed out and picked out this snazzy one as a gift from Mas and Pas.  Apparently this was far more practical than the legos and Darth Vader lunchbox Matthew picked out :-)   Though to be fair, James did pack his lunch into the Darth Vader box on the day he went and had lunch at Matthew's school!
 I have a very handsome husband, but he's even more handsome holding a cute baby:
 The start of February got insanely busy as 2 weeks of the month were weeks where I was teaching and hosting afternoon playgroup.  One day we headed out for a nature walk, checking out a small stream that should definitely be frozen over this time of year!  While Catherine didn't really do well with hosting playgroup for a variety of normal 3 year old reasons, John didn't fare too poorly.  Most of the days he slept just long enough that I could squeeze in the bulk of the lesson during his nap and then he'd hang out with us for the rest.  It'll be interesting to see how he does in May!
In February we also prepared for the other big holiday of the month by decorating the house and planning our Valentine's!  Matthew got to take some into his class while Catherine had a small party at preschool in addition to a party hosted by a friend.  The kids both chose to hand out small bags of lego candies, and then we turned them into minifigs for the bag toppers.  I had lots of Lego puns I had wanted to use but Matthew was very specific that he wanted his valentine's to all say "Happy Valentine's Day to you"

Amidst the craziness of everything we'd scheduled I made a few half-hearted attempts to take Valentine photos of John and play around with a light background thingy.  They were all pretty poorly timed  with both the light and John's mood as he was having none of my attempts to get him to smile, but at least even his serious faces are adorable!
Such a goofball!
Catherine of course wanted to "help" and who can resist a loving photo of big sister with her little brother!  

John and his beautiful eyes!  He's starting to develop a light ring around his iris just like big brother and sister!  Can't wait to see if they continue the transition to green or stay this baby blue!  

 It was very hard to get John's attention during these pictures because he was enraptured by the existence of his hands the whole time.  He absolutely would not look away, even when his sister was trying to be silly to get his attention!
 And then there was the realization he could nom on the Valentine that was extra delicious!
 The closest smiles I could coax out of him that day!

And with that we'll call it a night!  More February adventures coming soon! 

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