Thursday, March 26, 2015

Life with 3!

The beauty of 3 kids is that there is no groove we need to get into because every day is a new schedule and new adventure, times 3!  With 3 big personalities they each take turns in the spotlight with new skills, new challenges and the desire to get near the camera, which totally trumps how they each get documented!  Catherine is on the tail end of a rough patch behavior-wise, but when she's up she's a ray of sunshine!   A friend last night described a three-year old as being on the worlds fastest and tallest roller coaster and I'd have to agree!  
 This spring brought swim lessons on Thursdays!  Thursdays have become quite the exciting and utterly exhausting day!  Before John was born, Thursday was the day I volunteered in Matthew's class during reading.  In January an opportunity came up for me to create and teach science lessons in Matthew's classroom under a grant which has been fantastic for me.   However, it combined with evening swim lessons created some magnificent logistical moves.  James now works from home on Thursdays, allowing me to do preschool drop offs and pick ups without waking up John if needed.  On days I teach science, he gets time in the classroom volunteering for reading and then works from home and watches Catherine and John while I teach science.   Then James continued to work from home so we could have an early dinner, get dressed and get to the pool!  I can't tell you how thankful I am for these days.  Neither James or I would really want to go back to his working full time (though I am oddly nostalgic about those first newborn days). Both kids did really well with their lessons and made big strides.   John enjoyed the sauna like temps and mostly slept through the lessons.
 He's also picked up sucking his thumb/hands for comfort.  It's super adorable!
 Catherine's favorite two-headed baby picture!
 After my ski trip we had a nice weekend at home enjoying our oddly spring-like temps.  It was time to try and get all the kids in their rocket shirts from Mas and Pas!  You can get them dressed up but you can't get them to all look at the camera at the same time:
It's especially hard when there's a cute baby to love on!

We then headed to get passports.  We eventually got suitable pics of both kids but Catherine's expression was so weird I was laughing myself into tears!  Imagine this but 1,000 times more awkward!

 We then headed to the Museum to check out the new dinosaur exhibit.  We ran into friends and the kids enjoyed finding fossils on the climbing wall!

 And leaving dino footprints:
 John got really into our dining room chandelier and kept contorting himself to keep an eye on it!
 Flying baby!
 Catherine really is a good helper around the house.  One of Catherine's new favorite tasks around the house has been helping with the dishes.
As we headed into March, Matthew's class spent the week celebrating Dr. Suess!  We kicked off the week with a Dr. Seuss dinner of green eggs and ham, truffula trees and Cat in the Hat smoothies while we watched some Virginia basketball.
 Catherine looked at me one day and asked me to take her picture so she could send it to her grandparents.  This was before the kids embarked on their email fiasco, so I'll post it here instead!
 James and I headed out one night to see Neil deGrasse Tyson speak.  It was absolutely fantastic and in an odd turn they gave out glow-in-the-dark wristbands!
 They sold 3,000 tickets in less than 90 minutes which is pretty exciting for our little old town.  He said it was the largest speech he's ever given.  We were pretty close to the nosebleed seats but it was worth it.
 And our happy baby!
 A friend gave us a boppy and John has been enjoying the new perspective on tummy time!
 The whole time the kids took swim lessons they asked for goggles, so we grabbed some pairs but they didn't arrive until nearly the end of lessons.  They wore them around the house for a while as we planned our big end of swim lesson celebration trip!

More smiley baby:
 Catherine wanted in on the photo action and took these silly pics!

And then of course she asked for another two headed baby picture!
March also brought someone's four month appointment where we learned he is not quite a little guy anymore!
 He came in at 25 inches tall and 15.25 pounds.
 Saturday we were supposed to be headed to visit grandma for spring break.  Our super flat tire was actually the least of our issues as we headed out!   Eventually we headed out and had a great time which we'll share next time!

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