Sunday, May 17, 2015

6 Months of Fun!

As John’s 1/2 birthday had been looming on the distance, I had a goal in the back of my mind to get some decent 6 month photos to capture this fun stage! Sitting babies are definitely easier and a bit more fun to photograph than lying down babies. However, with our day-to-day schedule it’s getting much harder to find a good time. Here were some I snapped one morning before the preschool run of our new sitter:

And in the middle of his “crawling” attempts. He likes to get up on his knees and rock but most often sends himself backwards still!

I’ve also been struggling because the best morning light in the house is in the master, but after 10+ years James and I finally upgraded to a bed frame that is not a steel frame on wheels (it was a $50 Craigslist special, but still a big step up for us!). The new bed makes it harder to rearrange the room for impromptu photo shoots.

The last week in April meant it was time to prepare for May Day! Catherine helped make lots of candy flowers and make baskets with her friends!

And more baby toe exploration!

I tried in vain one morning to take some pictures of John but he was very serious about it all:

I struggled with both my autofocus and the lighting but I got a few shots of the two of us:

Sometime around here Catherine declared her ear hurt so I took her into the pediatrician. John had had a cold for about a week (and was waking near hourly) so I had them check his ears. No sign of an ear infection. However, with a waking, unhappy baby we were likely just a day or two early for the redness to appear as John came down with the ear infection a few days later. Looking back on the number of pics of him holding his ears I’m not surprised.

And in his first food exploration we tried strawberries with some success:

Catherine and I went to get our bangs cut one morning:

And picked up her balance bike from the shop.

We’ve been trying to make it out with the backpack more often and we busted out the sunhats!

Though it’s still cool enough for fleece PJs at night and in the morning. Poor John only goes backwards and keeps finding himself stuck under the furniture!

One of Catherine’s newest Lego creations. She builds very differently than Matthew, but she sure loves to build!

And two kiddos ready to celebrate May Day!

Each kid got to choose 5 friends to receive baskets and Friday after school we made our deliveries. Catherine got “caught” at the first house so the next time she certainly moved quick to get back to the car!

Matthew sneaking them over to our neighbors:

That Saturday Catherine and I put on our fancy shoes to head to a friend’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” party!

Matthew meanwhile built a 3 sucker holder out of Legos while we prepared! It’s been a pretty craft intensive two weeks at our house so it’d be a lie to imply our table hasn’t been cluttered like that for weeks!

Catherine at the party! I took photos for my friend which meant I ended up taking quite a few of this cutie!

She was very serious about the cake walk!

At some point in the week it was time to unpack the craziness of the car and get all the car seats back in place for preschool. During the clean out the kids found it HILARIOUS to sit backward in the car seats and pretend to watch TV.

Someone loves little brother!

And on Monday we celebrated Star Wars Day (“‘May the Fourth’ Be With You!”) We started our day with Chewbacca Hashbrowns, Millenium Falcon pancakes:

Yoda Melon and Princess Leia Buns, on Star Wars plates Catherine picked out:

And we washed it all down with Tatooine Sunrise Smoothies:

We even made Wookie Cookies to share with our friends who were coming over later that morning:

And some wearable decorations Catherine also picked out!

John got in the spirit with a shirt a friend handed down to us:

And of course we couldn’t take pictures for more than 10 seconds without big sister getting in on the action!

After a fantastic morning with friends someone woke up awfully happy from naps. Even though he sleeps on his tummy now, he generally wakes up on his back with his feet straight up in the air, wrestling his moose lovey:

We ended Star Wars Day with Matthew’s Kindergarten Musical. It was quite the production:

Video of all this adorable awkwardness soon I promise!

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