Sunday, August 23, 2015

Epic Road Trip: Intermission

While I am still greatly enjoying going through our vacation photos and reminiscing about some awesome visits and stops, real time is passing me by!  John is at an adorably busy and exhausting stage of crawling, babbling and putting EVERYTHING in his mouth!  According to the memory limits of my phone, it was time to go through and cull some video so I figured we'd take a break in recapping last month and show off in video form what we've been up to this month!

John has had some great sleep and some not so great sleep since we've gotten back to sleeping mostly in the crib.  When he is in a good stretch he wakes up babbling and giggly like this:

He's also learned a few new syllables and vowels recently and spends a lot of time babbling and singing to himself:

And while he can't get on the rocking dinosaur, he likes to sit on it and rock.  Most recently he's been biting the top of the head and pulling out strings so we're taking a short break for the dino's own safety.  Actually, he's been biting EVERYTHING recently to test out his mouthful of chompers and at least the dino's easy to take away.

This kid loves the swings and his siblings!

And EXACTLY like his older brother, he likes to sing nonsense songs while building with legos:

John taking a selfie video

And most recently, John playing out front with the big kids and showing off his concrete crawl.

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